Time to Help Out: A Benefit for Christian Kidd & A Long-Delayed Interview

Earlier this spring, some truly devastating news broke that Christian Kidd, founder, singer, songwriter, and guitarist for The Hates, Houston’s longest-running punk band, a band that’s been around since the late ‘70s…

Holy Shit, FPSF 2016 Is Nearly Upon Us (And You Can Contribute to the Art, Tonight!)

Yep, believe it or not, Free Press Summer Festival, aka “Houston’s Best-Loved, Best-Known, Most-Bitched-About Music Festival” (depending on who you are), is right around the freaking corner. If you live under a rock — and this year? I feel like I’ve been living under a damn rock…

Awesomeness You Can (Still) Get In On: Cameron Dezen Hammon’s New Covers Album

Man, this whole dang “time” thing, it really gets me sometimes. Late last week, I fully, completely intended to post about Cameron Dezen Hammon‘s (of both {The Rebecca West} & solo effort fame) brand-new covers album, which she’s been trying to get funded via PledgeMusic by tomorrow, Tuesday, December 15th…and then I left town with the fam and was completely offline all weekend. Sigh

Tomorrow: Listen to Awesome Music & Help Out Houston Cyclists, In Honor of Chelsea Norman

Getting late, and my eyes are rapidly melting in my skull (in part because I stupidly started Andy Weir‘s The Martian after dinner and haven’t put it down until just now), but I didn’t want to drop the ball on this one — it’s pretty damn important. In December of 2013, a woman driving down Waugh hit and killed a 24-year-old Whole Foods employee as she biked home from work

Friday, You’re In Love: Help the Numbers Documentary Get Made

In case you hadn’t heard already, some good-hearted souls out there — namely, director Marcus Pontello and producers Jeromy Barber and James Templeton (both of production company Dinolion) — are attempting to make a real-live documentary about longtime H-town venue Numbers

Today: Two Cool Open Houses, At SugarHill & Steamboat

It’s Saturday, February 28th, and it’s a cold-ass day outside, I know (for Houstonians, anyway), but there’re at least two reasons to get out of the house, even still. I know the title above makes it look like I’m talking about a couple of ski resorts, but no…

Helping Out: April 5K Needs to Breathe, and She Needs Us to Help Make It Happen

Argh. Okay, I’m a screwup and didn’t realize this was as time-sensitive as it is…sigh. If you’ve been around the Houston scene at all, odds are that you know, have heard, or have played in a band with April 5K

Dinner with Dos, Tonight

Dangit, this one crept up on me, so I’m posting about it a wee bit late, I’m afraid… There’s a very cool-sounding event going on tonight (Friday, May 16th) called Dinner with Dos, which is essentially what it says: dinner, chatting, and hanging-out with all-bass duo Dos, possibly better known (to some, anyway) separately as California punk/post-punk legends Mike Watt (The Minutement, fIREHOSE, J Mascis and the Fog, The Stooges) and Kira Roessler (Black Flag)…

8-Bit Awesomeness: Nintendo Madness, Tomorrow Night at the Avant Garden

Very, very cool. I’ve been away from video games for a couple of decades now, sadly, but in my quasi-misspent youth, I played a fair amount, both on our back-in-the-day Atari and our now-venerable Nintendo Entertainment System. Some days, I truly miss Legend of Zelda

Today: Zine Fest Houston Rides Again, Bigger & Better Than Before

Okay, that’s awesome. When Zine Fest Houston organizer guy Shane Patrick Boyle left town for the wilds of Arkansas, I’d hoped that the show would go on but was a little nervous at the back of my mind…

Femme Fatales: The Women of Film Noir

When we think of film noir, we think of few things over and over: Humphrey Bogart, dim lights and dark shadows, Humphrey Bogart (hey, he played Philip Marlowe and Sam Spade, what do you want?), thugs with guns, and dames that are never up to any good…

Tomorrow Night: The U.S. Air Guitar Regional Qualifiers Hit the Avant Garden

Hey, everybody: do you like rocking out on guitar but actually, um, can’t rock out on guitar? Not a real one, anyway? Are you all thumbs and no fingers? Do your friends groan and move away when you pick up your buddy’s beat-up old acoustic and start trying to work out “Stairway”…

Right Down to the Wire: Houston Press Music Award Nominations Close Tonight!

Yeah, yeah — I know I’ve been extremely remiss (again) in posting about this year’s nominations for the Houston Press Music Awards, to the point that, um, the deadline to submit your nominations is today…

Tomorrow: Via Colori Takes Downtown

After a few years of meaning to, last year yours truly finally got a chance to check out the Houston Via Colori street-painting festival in Downtown Houston. Better still, I was able to drag the munchkins and witness the whole thing through their eyes..

Houston Film Critics Present Hitchcock-Fest

Film afficionados with some time to spare this Saturday (November 17th) should think about making the trek out to Katy, where the Houston Film Critics Society and Fox Searchlight

Music for Tom: Two Benefits to Help Tom Carter, This Weekend

A month or two back, avid readers might recall that we mentioned that expat Houstonian and psych-rock hero Tom Carter had been hospitalized in Berlin for pneumonia and had to be put into a medical coma to recover…

Join the Pussy Riot Today, Outside the Russian Consulate on 610

Saw this a few days ago and wanted to mention it at least briefly, since it’s happening, well, today, Thursday, August 9th, literally right next door from where I work, at the Russian Consulate

Girls Rock Camp Houston Punk Rock Prom, Tonight at Spring Street Studios

Late notice, I know, but there’s a very cool benefit going on tonight (Saturday, June 30th) up at Spring Street Studios (1824 Spring Street) for Girls Rock Camp Houston, a group/cause that’s near & dear to my heart…

2012 HPMA Nominations Close This Evening

I’ve been really, truly remiss in not mentioning this ’til now, but I just wanted to point to it before the time runs out: the nominations for the 2012 Houston Press Music Awards end today

The Manichean Take Lovers to the (Big, Drama-Type) Stage, This June

Got an email from the folks in {The Manichean} late last week, about a very cool show they’ve got coming up. In an astoundingly appropriate twist, the band, who tend to meld their music-making with a very sincere, intense kind of stagecraft and poetic drama…

Great Cause + Four of the Coolest Bands in Town: MS Understood, Tomorrow at Rudz

Moving somewhat slower than I’d initially planned to, with this one… There’s a very cool-sounding show going on tomorrow night (Sunday, April 15th), up at veteran Montrose haunt Rudyard’s — it’s called MS Understood : music for a cure for multiple sclerosis

A Cool, Cool Van Tour of Our Fair City, This Weekend

Gotta give props to our own, folks, especially when they’re doing something cool. In this case, I’m talking about writer/musician/architecture fanatic Jason Smith, who will be be giving what sounds like a very cool series of van tours around H-town…

Girls Rock Camp Houston Registration Now Open

Just a quick fyi, here; happened to notice late last week that the registration for this year’s Girls Rock Camp Houston, which will be held August 6th-10th at the Rice Student Center (on Rice Univ. campus, naturally)…

KARP Documentary Screening, Tonight at Domy

Y’know, I’ll be up-front about it: back in the days of my post-college almost-youth, I wasn’t big into KARP. Didn’t hate ’em or anything, mind you, but I wasn’t a big fan; my tastes back then only sporadically ran that far to the “noisy” end of the punk spectrum…

HPMA Nomination Time: Vote by Tomorrow, or It’s Your Fault, Dammit

Yeah, yeah — I realized I’m way, way behind on this one; that’s just how the past month or so’s been, unfortunately. But hey, in case you, like me, are swamped and distracted and whatever else, consider this your wakeup call/reminder…

Tomorrow: Jacob Calle Wants to See You Go Wild (On TV)

Ah, Jacob Calle — I love the guy, think he’s a lot of fun, but I’m never quite sure what to make of his various projects, and this one’s the latest…

Summerfest Poster Exhibition, Tonight

If you’ve attended previous installations of Free Press Summerfest, odds are that you’ve run across at least a few of the many posters created specifically for the ‘fest…

Zine Fest Houston 2011, This Saturday

We recently re-did the back room of our house, ripping up the ancient, ancient carpet and slapping down fake wood flooring, and in the process of doing that, I basically had to disassemble and reassemble our entire home office. Which was no mean feat…

Days N Daze Go Guerrilla with Demos (& Summerfest Passes!)

I swear, I’m always amazed (and somewhat impressed, as well) at the quirky levels to which bands will go to promote themselves… The latest example is self-described “riot-folk” band Days N Daze

Unsilent Night: Go Jambox Caroling Tonight in the Montrose

Alright, folks — this sounds very neat, even if you just want to watch/listen…

Matt Brownlie (ex-{Bring Back The Guns} frontman) is inviting anybody & everybody who’s interested to come caroling with him & assorted other friends/etc. tonight

Jef With One F Signs His (Awesomely Fun) Book, Tomorrow at Cactus

It’s a little weird to think about, honestly, but I’ve heard a lot of rambling/accusing about nepotism and favoritism lately: writers promoting their buddies’ bands, regardless of how good they are, etc., etc. And yeah, I’ve gotten dinged for it myself, rightfully or not…

3622 Main Block Party #2, Tomorrow

This sounds pretty damn cool, I have to say… Over the past several years, the stretch of Main St. just on the border between Midtown & The Lands Beyond has become home to some of the neatest, most unique stores, eateries, & whatever else in this whole freaking city…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: George Clinton + Suspects + Sharks and Sailors + Lotus Effect + Scout Bar + More

Gotta keep this somewhat short, as an impatient midget is currently demanding I go with her on a bike ride through the ‘hood, but there’s a ton going on tonight/today (Sat., April 24th), and I didn’t want to miss mentioning it: iFest, featuring George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, Dave Alvin & the Guilty Women, Los […]

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: sIngs + iFest + Dead Rabbits + Local H + Adelaine + Michale Graves + More

Yet another one of those weekends when we Houston-dwelling folks are spoilt for choice, seriously; there’s enough good stuff going on tonight & tomorrow that if you claim to be bored & unable to find anything good in Houston, music-wise, you’re a fucking idiot. Here goes: Sat., April 17: sIngs (CD release)/ Casiotone for the […]

Record Store Day Madness, Today at Cactus, Vinal Edge & Sig’s

UPDATE: Argh. I suck. In my haste to slap something up here about Record Store Day, I totally neglected to mention one of my favorite bastions of music-dom, Sig’s Lagoon. Which is particularly stupid since today they’re having their quasi-annual Swap ‘n Bop (both at Sig’s and at The Pachinko Hut, nearby), with lots of […]

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Priestess + KTRU Live Vol. 2 + Mouse Fire + Benjamin Wesley + Show News + More

Hey, all — it’s been utter silence from over here this week, I realize, and I apologize wholeheartedly for that. My life got pretty well swallowed up by the Day Job these past seven days or so, to the point where I’d go home & spend most of my evenings on the couch with the […]

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: Camera Obscura + Dead To The World (Reviewed!) + Born Liars + Resonant Interval + More

And now it’s Sunday, April 11th, and (maybe) surprisingly, there’s still quite a bit going on… Before I go into it, though I’m sad to have to report that it looks like the Wye Oak show I’d been told (a while back, admittedly) would be happening tonight at Mango’s, um, isn’t. Sorry, y’all — it’s […]

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Black Congress + Omotai + The Suspects + KTRU Show + The Freeze + More

Yep, it’s Saturday, April 10th, Day #2 of your weekend musical madness, and plenty more going on; here’s the rundown, although I’ll have to keep it somewhat brief, I’m afraid: Black Congress (7″ release)/Omotai/Golden Axe @ Rudyard’s My top pick of the evening, although it’s definitely a close thing. I still need to see instro-metal […]

Free Music at Cactus, Today (+ KTRU Outdoor Show Postponed a Wee Bit)

Well, it seems the rain we’ve been seeing here at SCR HQ has also hit the Rice University campus, meaning that the organizers of the KTRU Outdoor Show have had to postpone a teeny-tiny bit, shifting the start time back from noon to 1:30PM in order to dodge the precipitation. So shift your schedules accordingly, […]

"House of Hits" Book Signing at Sig’s (+ Party at The Continental)

This is a pretty neat one… In case you haven’t heard, longtime SugarHill Studios engineer Andy Bradley and veteran Houston music chronicler Roger Wood (whose book, Down in Houston, I’ve been wanting to read for a while now) collaborated on a new book about the history of SugarHill and its predecessor(?), Gold Star Studios. It’s […]

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