Awesomeness You Can (Still) Get In On: Cameron Dezen Hammon’s New Covers Album

11914875_10207777522415252_2938597119931530799_nMan, this whole dang “time” thing, it really gets me sometimes. Late last week, I fully, completely intended to post about Cameron Dezen Hammon‘s (of both The Rebecca West & solo effort fame) brand-new covers album, which she’s been trying to get funded via PledgeMusic by tomorrow, Tuesday, December 15th…and then I left town with the fam and was completely offline all weekend. Sigh.

In the intervening time, though, you crazy people went out and did it for yourselves, with no prompting from yours truly — the project is now at 112%, which is freaking awesome. That means that yes, it’s already over the hump & all that, but still, you’ve got a day to join in and be a part of the album, entitled Words Don’t Bleed.

And yes, you should absolutely do just that. Hammon is a fantastic musician and even better singer — she’s an annual contender on my own personal list of Houston’s best female vocalists — and she’s thrown her heart and soul into these classic (yet sometimes overlooked) songs. I dunno what the full list of songs looks like yet, but I know she’s doing Springsteen‘s “I’m On Fire,” Morrissey‘s “Suedehead,” George Michael‘s “Father Figure,” Robert Palmer‘s “Addicted To Love,” and Don Henley‘s “Boys of Summer,” plus songs by The Cure and The Call.

What I’ve heard so far is excellent, soulful and sweet and heartfelt; heck, I like her version of “I’m On Fire” better than I like the original (and yes, I realize that probably sounds like heresy to some). And as an added bonus, PledgeMusic lets the pledgee(?) donate a percentage of the money raised to a charity of their choice, so if you contribute to this, you’re also contributing to the Lupus Foundation of America, which is a very worth cause.

Anyway, that’s all I can really say — beyond that, you should really check out Cameron’s PledgeMusic page, listen to some of the snippets/videos of songs on there, and be ready to get all excited and pledge-y yourself. Get on board while you still can, alright?

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