Dinner with Dos, Tonight

dinerdosDangit, this one crept up on me, so I’m posting about it a wee bit late, I’m afraid… There’s a very cool-sounding event going on tonight (Friday, May 16th) called Dinner with Dos, which is essentially what it says: dinner, chatting, and hanging-out with all-bass duo Dos, possibly better known (to some, anyway) separately as California punk/post-punk legends Mike Watt (The Minutement, fIREHOSE, J Mascis and the Fog, The Stooges) and Kira Roessler (Black Flag).

To which I have to say: holy freaking shit, people. It’s pretty insane to think about talking with the members of four (at least?) of my favorite bands waaaay back when, much less sitting down with ’em for dinner.

As an added bonus, the whole thing’s a benefit for Nameless Sound and Girls Rock Camp Houston, both of which I truly, truly love, and the food’s courtesy of rockstar chef/fishmonger PJ Stoops and fellow rockstar chef Benjy Mason, both of whom I’ve heard awesome things about. Dang.

Granted, the tickets ain’t cheap — $100 a person gets you in the door — but it seems pretty worth it to me, even still. Call 713-248-3927 to see if they’ve got any tickets still remaining, then cross your fingers.

Oh, and then go see Dos actually play, tomorrow night at 14 Pews, which is considerably cheaper ($13, $10 for students, or free for under-18s) but a whole lot less once-in-a-lifetime-like.

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    […] (Kira & Mike Watt) @ 14 Pews (800 Aurora; 8-10PM) Already talked about this one briefly the other day, but heck, it’s worth repeating — tonight’s a pretty rare […]

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