Tonight: Glass the Sky & Guess Genes at The Nightingale Room

Short notice, I know — I’d blame it on being sick for the past 48 hours, but let’s be honest, I’d probably be late even if I was well…sigh — …

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Day for Night Lineup, Now Released

Today’s the day, folks — the official lineup for brand-new music (and other stuff) festival Day for Night, which takes place at Silver Street Studios on …

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Holy Hot Damn Yes: KTRU Back on Yr Radio, Next Friday (So Celebrate Next Thursday!)

Holy shit, y’all. Okay, so I’d heard the rumors that this was happening for a few months now, but I was afraid to take ’em to heart and potentially …

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Catch Cool-Ass United Waves Live, Tonight at Walter’s (and Hey, a Video!)

One of the things I love best about the scene here (and yes, I’m well aware that lots of other cities have music scenes that are similar in this respect) …

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Yes, Indeed! 2015 Rundown, Pt. 2: Tightn’ Up + Son of Bitch + Bang Bangz + The Wandering Bufaleros + The Clicky Boots + Carpet and the Drapes + Carmeci + Guilla + Sik Mule + Second Lovers + Brown Sabbath

Hey, folks — we’re back again with the second bunch of writeups for Yes, Indeed! Music Fest 2015, which happens tomorrow, Saturday, September 19th, and which promises to …

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Day for Night: FPH Delivers Us a Winter Music/Art/Whatever Extravaganza, At Long Last

Oh, yes. Ever since the very first-ever Free Press Summer Fest hit this city, there’s been grumbling and griping out there (and from me right here, it’s …

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Tomorrow: Badass Beer + Badass Music, at Untapped Houston

Okay, here I am typing this, and part of me is snickering and saying, seriously, who am I kidding? If you’re a fan of craft beers and/or music, odds …

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Help The Suffers Make A Record, Right Now

It’s been a big, big year for ska-soul outfit The Suffers, and from where I sit, they fully, truly deserve it; they’re a damn fine band, and they’ve worked their …

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Tonight: Dollie Barnes, The Lories & Lomelda @ Ladybirds

Okay, I know it’s short notice, but I didn’t want to let this one slip past… There’s a cool little show happening tonight, Thursday, August 27th, up …

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An Ending & Two Beginnings: Pegstar Bids Farewell to Fitzgerald’s & Fitzgerald’s Gets Reborn

Ever since the news first broke about local booking maestros Pegstar opening their very own purpose-built venue, the sweet-looking White Oak Music Hall, it’s …

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Almost Down to the Wire: Vote for the HPMAs Now, If You Haven’t Already

Yep, I’m waaaay late to this party, unfortunately, but not quite too late, which is always good. The ever-excellent Houston Press Music Awards are still …

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08.08 Day Strikes Tomorrow at 8th Wonder

Hey, folks — I know it’s been quiet ’round here lately. Apologies for that; I’m attempting to get back on the writing horse, so to speak, after quite a …

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HPMA 2015 Nominations Live; Get Your Picks In Before Midnight

Hey, folks — yes, we’ve rolled around to that time again, when H-town gets together to pick the local cream of the crop, as it were, of our city’s burgeoning-but-underground …

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Everybody Dies: Knights of the Fire Kingdom Reveal Their New Video & Their At-Long-Last Album Release

Yeah, yeah — I know The World’s About to End (again), what with a maybe-hurricane maybe-bearing down on Houston, but that doesn’t mean all movement has to cease, right? …

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Tonight: The Suspects, Making Old Brand-New Once Again Up at Walter’s

It’s late notice, I know, and I’ve had to back away from the weekend previews for a bit because they were starting to give me an ulcer, but I couldn’t …

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FPSF 2015 Aftermath: Emptying Out the Backpack & Dispensing Wisdom

I’m still recovering from this past weekend’s absolutely insane Free Press Summer Festival 2015 — and yes, it’s going to be a long recovery, ’cause dammit, I’m old …

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FPSF 2015 Rundown, Pt. 4: ILoveMakonnen + Rocket From The Crypt + Robert Ellis + RL Grime + the last place you look + Tycho + Charles Bradley + Skrillex + Moji + The Tontons + The Decemberists + R. Kelly

At long last, my friends, here we are, standing on the precipice before the steady collapse into heat-induced delerium and music-induced euphoria that accompanies every Free Press Summer

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FPSF 2015 Rundown, Pt. 3: Seratones + Steve Angello + St. Vincent + Freeman + The Suffers + The Band of Heathens + GTA + Ben Kweller + Tears for Fears + Weezer

Annnnnd here we are, once again, with the third installment of SCR’s forever(?)-annual FPSF rundown deal, where Jason Smith and Jeremy Hart yammer and gush about a randomly-selected …

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FPSF 2015 Rundown, Pt. 2: Buxton + Twin Peaks + Flogging Molly + Tove Lo + Second Lovers + Hiram + Con Brio + The Bright Light Social Hour + ODESZA + BOAN

fpsf2Yup, we’re back again, as promised, with Part II of our yearly rundown/preview thing of as many of the bands playing at this year’s …

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