Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Waxahatchee + Shovels & Rope + The COPS + Eric Johnson + More

Hey, people — I’m psyched as hell about some recent show announcements over the next few months (Superchunk, Okkervil River, & Mastodon, for three; check the shows list

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Tonight: Celebrate Steamboat Amps’ Ninth Birthday & New Partnership (and Help Out, Too!)

I’ve played guitar (badly) for most of my life at this point, at least sporadically, but I’ve never, ever been a gearhead. In my younger days, I was more …

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Shoots Coming Up: In Bloom Music Fest is Less Than Two Months Out

Alright, so by now you’d have to be pretty damn out-of-touch to not know that the much-loved/much-derided summertime Houston music festival known variously as FPSF, Free Press Summer Fest, or …

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Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Giant Kitty + Only Beast + Miears + The Killers + Sucre + Lane 8 + More

Okay, folks — it’s that time again, Friday, January 26th, and it’s the first jam-packed evening of a jam-packed weekend of stuff, so I figured I’d better talk about it, …

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Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Dinolion’s RASHOMON Debut Screening + BowiElvis Fest + More

Alright, y’all; running late for today, Saturday, January 6th, but I’d be seriously, seriously remiss if I let the stuff happening this evening just slide past, unmentioned. Because it’s …

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Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Second Lovers + Miears + The Tie That Binds + We Were Wolves + Warrior + More

Howdy, all — it’s Friday, January 5th, and we’re heading into a weekend with some very cool stuff happening, so I wanted to mention a bit of it before everybody …

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Matt Hammon Steps Out On His Own with His Silver Suitcase, Tonight at WOMH

If you’re a fan of Texas-bred indie/emo, odds are pretty good that you’ve heard Matt Hammon, even if you don’t realize it. That’s the way it was …

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Day for Night 2017 Rundown, Pt. 4: Cardi B + The Jesus Lizard + Kimbra + Tyler Barber + Jamie XX + BOOTS + Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Yep, we’re coming down to the wire, friends — today, Friday, December 15th, is the start of this weekend’s Day for Night festival over at Post

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Day for Night 2017 Rundown, Pt. 3: True American + Shabazz Palaces + N N O A + Demdike Stare + of Montreal + Princess Nokia + James Blake + Faten Kanaan + Lil B

Annnnnd here we are again, y’all. It’s time for Round Three of our preview/rundown things for this year’s Day for Night, which is this coming Friday-Sunday, December …

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Day for Night 2017 Rundown, Pt. 2: Nina Kraviz + Pussy Riot + B L A C K I E + Narcons + Andy Stott + Pretty Lights + Perfume Genius + St. Vincent + XLX

Howdy, all — we’re back again with Round Two of our annual-ish bunch of randomly-chosen previews for Day for Night, Houston’s quirkiest music/art/technology/whatever festival, which is …

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Day for Night 2017 Rundown, Pt. 1: Earl Sweatshirt + Solange + Bjarki + Collin Hedrick + Cashmere Cat + En Vogue + Kona FM + Acid Jeep + Rezz

Yes, yes, yes. Day for Night 2017 is right around the corner, just one solitary week away — it kicks off with a Summit session of talks …

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Day for Night, Coming Up Fast: A Cool Discount Just For You + Set Times Now Live

Argh. Been fighting a nasty cold, y’all, and desperately hoping I kick it before the big day, so I’ve been slipping a bit on talking about the rapidly-approaching …

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FPSF No More: In Bloom Rises From the Ashes, and in the Freaking Springtime

Well…wow. I’ve been behind on Houston-related music news lately, it’s true, but out of all of it, this definitely takes the cake. We got word this morning that …

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Zine Fest Houston Ventures Into the Cyberfuture, This Afternoon (And a Long-Overdue Thank-You to Shane)

Hey, folks, just wanted everybody to be aware that today — Saturday, November 11th — is this year’s Zine Fest Houston, and it promises to be a very, …

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I Could Die and I Wouldn’t Mind: The Jesus and Mary Chain Arrive at White Oak Music Hall, Tonight

The Jesus and Mary Chain continue to rock like the kids they were when I discovered them as a high school freshman in 1985. The strength of JAMC is …

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Today: Foamhenge Arises at Karbach, with Blue Oyster Cult, The Sword, & More

Wow. It’s been a crazy-ass weekend, with a whole lot of good stuff going on, but this damn near takes the cake. See, today (Sunday, November 5th) up …

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Hear This Now: EL LAGO Releases Their Debut Full-Length Tonight, Plus a Video

It’s been a few years, I know, but it felt like high time to get back to the sporadic Hear This Now thing we were doing for a little while …

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Last Chance to Get a Day for Night Discount & Help Planned Parenthood, Today (Plus Awesome Videoage)

You might recall that we posted a little while back that the good people behind Day for Night, Houston’s coolest music-and-other-stuff festival…

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An Era Ends: The Print Version of the Houston Press Is Dead

This year, I swear to God. Some days it feels like everything in the whole freaking world has been upended, from the insanity in the White House to every …

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Day for Night Peeks Over the Horizon: Two Cool Pieces of DFN-Related News (+ Stupid Online Controversy!)

As mentioned a little while back, this year’s edition of Day for Night — which yours truly was lucky enough to check out last year, and …

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