Madness on Main 2017 Rundown, Pt. 2: The Phantom Royals + Handsomebeast + Flyger Woods + Kiko Villamizar + Ruiners + texture: Yellow + MOTHS + Black Pistol Fire

Alright, people — we’re back again with Round 2 of SCR’s traditional rundowns on as many people playing this weekend’s Madness on Main Music Festival up at …

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Madness on Main 2017, This Sunday (Rundown, Pt. 1): Lyric Michelle + Something Fierce + Lloronas + LIMB + Flower Graves

Oh, wow. The Season of Music Festivals rolls on and on, and now we’re rapidly approaching the two I’ve truly been looking forward to, albeit for very different reasons: …

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Right Damn Now: Love Street Music Fest Is Happening, Over at Karbach Brewing Company

Yeah, I know this is stupidly late, but I didn’t want to let it slip completely by, because it’s a very cool thing going on at a very cool late. …

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This Weekend: Rock Out in New Caney With Jason Derulo, Vanilla Ice, & The Tontons

Okay, so do you remember when I said there’s practically a music festival every other weekend for the next few months? Well, it’s actually closer to every …

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This Weekend: Middlelands Mashes Up Knights, Lasers, Wenches, & Bass Drops

As noted previously, we’ve got a crap-ton of festivals coming up in and around the Houston area — seriously, there’s like a festival almost every other weekend for …

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Tonight: Catch The New Pornographers Up at White Oak Music Hall (Plus Video!)

Yes, I realize Chris Brown is playing somewhere in Houston this evening. And no, I emphatically do not give a single shit about that, and neither should you. …

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One Month Out: FPSF 2017 Is On Its Way, So You Better Get Damn Ready

It’s that time in H-town’s musical year when it feels like the festivals just keep popping up left and right and left again, y’know what I mean? Hell, we’ve …

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Tonight: Help Out Planned Parenthood at Friends With Benefits (and Check Out Some Awesome Music, Obviously)

So, there’s quite a bit going on today and tonight (Saturday, April 15th), and a whole slew of excellent, excellent shows I happen to think are worth seeing — …

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Tonight: Two From Back in the Day, with Blueprint & The Tie That Binds (Plus The Inverters & Narrow Head, Too!)

Holy shit, people. Yeah, yeah — I’m well aware that Morrissey is playing tonight, Friday, April 14th (Or is he? Who can say, really, especially after …

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Houston Whatever Fest, This Weekend

And now, from the Better Late Than Never Department (Hopefully)… I’ve been meaning to post for a good long while now about Houston Whatever Fest, which unrolls …

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Two Awesome Things Tonight: Cameron Dezen Hammon & Night Drive + Hescher (Plus Videos!)

Hey, y’all — it’s Thursday, March 30th, and holy crap, I cannot believe we’re right at the end of March already. Seriously? Damn. I am way, way, …

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Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Golden Sombrero + Brand New Hearts + Excision + Electric Six + Saint Thomas’ Episcopal Sounds of Scotland + More

Hey, folks — it’s the start of a busy-as-hell weekend, looks like, so I wanted to at least mention a handful of cool-sounding (to me, anyway) shows going on tonight, …

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Tonight: Go Celebrate Mark C. Austin’s 40th, And Help Folks in Need, Too

Well, it may be only Thursday (March 23rd), but even still, there’s a ton of things going on, and one of said things looks especially cool. See, local photog/manager/music-lover/tastemaker …

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Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Listen Around Your Way + Football, etc. + Ruiners + Since Always + Dead Leaf Echo + Emmure + Hip Hop Run Houston + Nikkhoo/P.L.X.T.X + More

Hey, there — it’s now Saturday, March 11th, and while the grand opening festivities that were planned for today over at the rechristened/remodeled Avenida Houston (i.e., the area …

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Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: The Wild Reeds + Dollie Barnes + Only Beast + MFAH Mixed Media + Bring Me the Horizon + Beartooth + French Cultures Festival + Alicia Keys + More

Alright, y’all. We’re at the start of what promises to be a very busy not just weekend but full week (hell, almost two weeks), and yours truly is going …

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Get Yourself Some Damn Photos: David Garrick Brings Musicians & Photographers Together, Today at Walter’s

So, this right here is a very, very cool thing. Everybody knows that if you have a band or play music solo or whatever, you need to have pictures …

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Catch The Radio Dept. at WOMH, Tonight (Plus an Unfortunate/Disturbing Public Service Announcement)

Well, so I blew it for yesterday’s pile of cool shows, sadly — had a thing, and it ended up taking all damn day… But we’re back again for …

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Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Dollie Barnes + Devendra Banhart + We Were Wolves + Datsik + Distant Worker + I Love Freestyle Fest II + The Piping Rock Singers + More

So, um…hi! I know, it’s been a while, and I feel like an ass about that — many times I had fully planned on posting about one show or …

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Tonight: Stand Together & Rock Out With H-Town Muslims, at Walter’s

Hey, all — long time, right? This new year of ours has been a little rough on yours truly, between frenzied work to meet post-holiday deadlines at the Day …

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Day for Night 2016 Rundown, Pt. 3: Time for Some Light (aka A Brief Look at the Visual Side of DFN)

I’m not an art guy. I tried to be, back when I was a kid, but it turned out I was pretty mediocre at it, so it fell by …

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