Day for Night, Coming Up Fast: A Cool Discount Just For You + Set Times Now Live

Argh. Been fighting a nasty cold, y’all, and desperately hoping I kick it before the big day, so I’ve been slipping a bit on talking about the rapidly-approaching …

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FPSF No More: In Bloom Rises From the Ashes, and in the Freaking Springtime

Well…wow. I’ve been behind on Houston-related music news lately, it’s true, but out of all of it, this definitely takes the cake. We got word this morning that …

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Zine Fest Houston Ventures Into the Cyberfuture, This Afternoon (And a Long-Overdue Thank-You to Shane)

Hey, folks, just wanted everybody to be aware that today — Saturday, November 11th — is this year’s Zine Fest Houston, and it promises to be a very, …

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I Could Die and I Wouldn’t Mind: The Jesus and Mary Chain Arrive at White Oak Music Hall, Tonight

The Jesus and Mary Chain continue to rock like the kids they were when I discovered them as a high school freshman in 1985. The strength of JAMC is …

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Today: Foamhenge Arises at Karbach, with Blue Oyster Cult, The Sword, & More

Wow. It’s been a crazy-ass weekend, with a whole lot of good stuff going on, but this damn near takes the cake. See, today (Sunday, November 5th) up …

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Hear This Now: EL LAGO Releases Their Debut Full-Length Tonight, Plus a Video

It’s been a few years, I know, but it felt like high time to get back to the sporadic Hear This Now thing we were doing for a little while …

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Last Chance to Get a Day for Night Discount & Help Planned Parenthood, Today (Plus Awesome Videoage)

You might recall that we posted a little while back that the good people behind Day for Night, Houston’s coolest music-and-other-stuff festival…

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An Era Ends: The Print Version of the Houston Press Is Dead

This year, I swear to God. Some days it feels like everything in the whole freaking world has been upended, from the insanity in the White House to every …

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Day for Night Peeks Over the Horizon: Two Cool Pieces of DFN-Related News (+ Stupid Online Controversy!)

As mentioned a little while back, this year’s edition of Day for Night — which yours truly was lucky enough to check out last year, and …

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Tonight: Action Bronson Serves It Up at Warehouse Live

Harrison Ford is an Action Bronson fan. No, seriously; granted, I’ve got no clue whether he likes Bronson’s music, but in a recent GQ interview

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Good Things Coming: Day for Night 2017 Lineup & Tickets, Just Released

It’s about goddamn time we got some good news, y’all. Half this city’s still ripping out its floors and walls and replacing every thing they own, schools and libraries …

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Houston Open Air, Another Harvey Casualty

Well, damn. I’d wondered, honestly, if it might happen — after all, we’ve seen a lot of cancellations of shows of various sizes, but so far the raft of …

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(UPDATE #4) Post-Harvey, H-town Gets Back to Its Feet: Heroes, Shows, Fundraisers, & Friends In Need

What a week. I haven’t been online much, I know, at least not on SCR — I’ve been stuck to Facebook and Twitter like the rest of Houston, trying …

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Hurricanes Suck: A Whole Bunch of Shows Get Cancelled/Postponed This Weekend

Yes, folks, it’s time once again to grapple with one of Houston’s worst aspects (I mean, beyond the heat, mosquitoes, grime, um…okay, let’s move on): hurricanes. I hope everybody …

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Good Things Today: At the Drive-In + Football, Etc. + Ruiners + Saint Arnold 23rd Anniversary + Pop Shop Houston + More

Alright, folks — still recovering somewhat from last weekend (a combination of sogginess, tinnitus, and heatstroke), but there’s some truly, truly excellent stuff going on today/tonight (Saturday, June 10th), so …

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FPSF 2017 Rundown, Pt. 3: Kay Weathers + The Wheel Workers + Party Favor + Milky Chance + The Struts + The Shins + St. Paul & The Broken Bones + Miike Snow + Jon Bellion

And now, here we go with what’ll most likely be our last installment of the random previews thing we do every year for FPSF (aka Free Press Summer …

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FPSF 2017 Rundown, Pt. 2: K.I.D. + Bang Bangz + Aminé + Coast Modern + Night Drive + Grouplove + Rose Ette + G-Eazy + Frightened Rabbit + Echos

Here we are, again, back with another randomly-chosen look at the bands and musicians who’ll be up at Eleanor Tinsley Park (hopefully) on the edge of Downtown this weekend — …

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FPSF 2017 Rundown, Pt. 1: Mod Sun + Camera Cult + DREAMERS + Us. + Bad Suns + Hurray For The Riff Raff + Tove Lo + Lorde + Cage The Elephant + Solange

Alright, people — we’re doing this, dammit. If this feels like it’s getting off to a late start, well, it kind of is, partly because we here at SCR …

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Madness on Main 2017 Rundown, Pt. 2: The Phantom Royals + Handsomebeast + Flyger Woods + Kiko Villamizar + Ruiners + texture: Yellow + MOTHS + Black Pistol Fire

Alright, people — we’re back again with Round 2 of SCR’s traditional rundowns on as many people playing this weekend’s Madness on Main Music Festival up at …

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