The Manichean Take Lovers to the (Big, Drama-Type) Stage, This June

Got an email from the folks in The Manichean late last week, about a very cool show they’ve got coming up. In an astoundingly appropriate twist, the band, who tend to meld their music-making with a very sincere, intense kind of stagecraft and poetic drama, will be playing Saturday, June 16th at The Alley Theatre (on the Neuhaus Stage), a place that usually sees drama of the not-strictly-musical variety.

Seriously, this show looks to be pretty damn incredible. The plan is for the band to play their forthcoming (and highly anticipated) full-length, Lovers, in its entirety up on that grand stage

The Manichean crew’s being pretty tight-lipped about the details, but they’re promising “lots of surprises,” and have reassured bands that it won’t be some sort of half-cocked rock opera thing, which is kind of a relief to a musical-hating person like yours truly. They swear it’ll be “something more intrinsic to The Manichean’s aesthetic and style,” which still leaves me wondering, but hey…

The tickets for this are pretty limited, obviously, but fairly cheap for that; general admission’s $10, with a special free copy of lead Lovers single “The Swan” available to 50 lucky “VIP Silver” showgoers for an extra $25. There’s also a super-limited edition “VIP Gold” package for $50, which gets you a copy of the “Swan” single and a merch package; both the “VIP”-level tickets also get you into the afterparty.

Like I said, the tickets are limited — there’re only 3 left of the “Gold” level ones, as of tonight. Head on over here to snag your tickets while you can.

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2 Responses to “The Manichean Take Lovers to the (Big, Drama-Type) Stage, This June”

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