Friday, You’re In Love: Help the Numbers Documentary Get Made

10923802_509741049167695_4460626060361964099_oIn case you hadn’t heard already, some good-hearted souls out there — namely, director Marcus Pontello and producers Jeromy Barber and James Templeton (both of production company Dinolion) — are attempting to make a real-live documentary about longtime H-town venue Numbers.

It’s called Friday I’m in Love, and it looks pretty damn cool. And hey, you can help make it happen; there’s a Kickstarter project for the movie, with the filmmakers attempting to raise $40,000, and with just under 70 hours to go, they’re almost there, only about a grand away from the goal. Which, honestly, blows me away — it’s awesome to see the support for this project, and I really, truly want to see ’em get that last little bit across the finish line.

Here’s the filmmakers talking a bit about the documentary:

If Kickstarter’s not really your deal, BTW, you can hit Grand Prize Bar tomorrow (Thursday, March 5th) instead, for “Get Numbered Part 2,” a party being thrown to raise money for the movie. You can donate there directly, and apparently a portion of the drink tips(?) will go to the cause, as well.

Now, I’ll be honest — Numbers was never truly my scene, and I’ve only ever seen a handful of shows there over the past couple of decades since I moved to Houston. But whether or not I’m a diehard Numbers club kid myself, the place is one of a small, small number of iconic music scene locations that has weathered the never-ending changes our city goes through, and there’s a whole hell of a lot of history there. And hey, this is Houston; grim as it sounds, it could be gone tomorrow.

So, there it is; get out there and donate to support this film and help to document a deserving chunk of Houston music history while it’s still standing.

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