Technology Sucks. (Well, Sometimes, Anyway.)

Hey, folks — I just wanted to poke my head up briefly to mention a couple of SCR-related things that have been going on behind-the-scenes, to let everybody know in case they themselves have run into ’em. First off, the website was hacked over the weekend, which meant that yours truly got to spend his birthday evening frantically installing WordPress security plugins and trawling through files to look for bogus code. Argh…

Protected: SCR Administrative Stuff

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Admin Stuff: Classifieds, Going Away…

Hey, all — I’ve come to a bit of a decision with regard to part of the site, and wanted to let folks know in case anybody (for reasons unfathomable to me) gets freaked out by it. Basically, the classifieds board will be going away…

Technical Difficulties

Hey, all — I’m afraid the site’s currently experiencing some technical difficulties in a few areas. We had to switch recently from one hosting provider to another for various reasons, and while the shift went far more smoothly than I’d even hoped it would…


Welcome to Space City Rock. We’re a happy little e-zine that covers music, movies, comics, weirdness, and whatever the heck else we feel like (okay, yeah, it’s mostly music, but the rest pops in occasionally). We listen to pretty much anything and everything, from the utterly mainstream (hell, we’ve even run a Madonna review) to […]

SCR Gets Twitter-ified

Yep, it’s true — yours truly had been reluctant for a long time now to dive into the whole Twitter thing, in part because, well, we’ve got a whole lot of other stuff to keep up with here at SCR HQ as it is…

Yay, Us!: SCR Wins “Best Local Music Blog”

Uh. Wow. It’s been a rough week at the Day Job, so I’ve been mostly just keeping my head down, trying to get deadlines met & whatnot; the site’s been the furthest thing from my mind most of this week. Which explains the look of stunned surprise that’s currently working its way off my face…

Dammit, Dammit, Dammit.

Hey, all — apologies once more for the site hiccup today. Since the switch to WordPress, we’ve been dealing with some crazy, annoying, potentially-expensive resource usage problems on the ISP, and we’re still trying to work it out one way or another…

Growing Pains…

Hey, all — apologies for the confusion, but we’ve had to make some changes to the fledgling Space City Rock WordPress site (which is what you’re looking at right now), so things may not look quite like they’re supposed to just yet…

…Aaaand We’re Back. Finally.

There’s that thing they say about the best-laid plans, and man, am I feeling it these days. When I posted my last little missive, back at the start of this month, I had idealized visions of this site magically morphing from its former state into, well, what it currently looks like now, in the space of a couple of days — no muss, no fuss…

It Might Get a Little Quiet Over Here, Y’all…

…but don’t worry — that doesn’t mean that SCR is dead, by any means. It does mean, however, that things are going to be changing fairly drastically in the next week or two, and we can’t really flip the switch ’til everything’s in place. I’m pretty psyched about the changes, and hopefully once everybody else […]

Websites Gone Wild!

Argh. If you’ve checked out either our cheery little blog or the much-loved shows list within the past 36 hrs. or so, you may’ve noticed that both parts of this site looked pretty damn weird and/or totally unformatted, with all the actual page content jammed over into the right-hand sidebar like a very large person […]

Some Pseudo-Legal Weirdness at (Virtual) SCR HQ

I’m a little torn about mentioning this on here, but it’s just too damn weird and seems to get weirder by the day. Back in 2008, a very nice woman (I’m not going to put her name up here unless I have to, in case what’s going on isn’t her fault) emailed me, saying that […]

Argh! Shows List Is Down! (Sort Of…)

Argh. Just when I think my ISP issues are a thing of the past… Sorry, folks, but I’m afraid that if you currently try to view the ever-loved Upcoming Local Shows list at its usual location, you may see not much but the heading and a lot of blank green space. I’m not sure why […]

Free Things For You: Embeddable Mixtape + Show Calendars

On the pseudo-administrative tip, I wanted to mention a couple of new-ish things… Like the fact that we now have the little “player” version of the official, sporadically-updated SCR H-Town Mixtape up on the main page of the site for all to see, click, & enjoy. You can also check out the full-sized Opentape site […]

Update: Pete Yorn (Tonight!) + New Featured Bands (Tambersauro & B L A C K I E)

I’d hoped to wedge this into the pile of reviews that went up late last week, but alas, it was not to be. Part of it, I’ll confess, was due to my reluctance to bother even listening to Pete Yorn‘s latest album, Back and Fourth; fair or not, I tend to lump him into a […]

Quick Update: georgia’s Horse. Interview (Tonight at Super Happy!) + American Fangs Review, Up Now

Hey, all — heading off to yet another family dinner thing for the long weekend, but before I go I wanted to mention the new stuff that’s up as of, well, just now… For one, we’ve got a brand-spanking-new interview with the mysteriously cool georgia’s Horse., purveyor of dark, sweet-yet-melancholy folk-country rock, up right here, […]

Tonight: Lucero + Blackmarket Syndicate + My Summer Jammie Jam Screwup

Damn, damn, damn. I don’t honestly yearn for my not-misspent-enough youth real often, but there are days when I miss the freedom of being a kid & being able to just get up and hit the bars any damn night you want to, watching bands play & hanging out ’til the cash runs out. Tonight’s […]

Admin Stuff: Classifieds (+ Board), Mixtape, & Shows List Changes(?)

Hey, all — the astute & keen-eyed may notice a few changes to the SCR site over the past week or so, so I wanted to mention what’s new and/or different both so’s nobody gets confused and to perpetuate the illusion that this freaking thing actually does change occasionally (kidding! kidding…um, kinda?). New Classifieds/Board: Yes, […]

The Ever-Evolving SCR Mixtape, Up Now

For a while now, I’ve been passing around mix CDs of music made by Houston-based bands & musicians, forcing the CDs on friends & family with the manic, “why don’t you all understand?” zeal of a fresh-faced missionary kid knocking on apartment complex doors at 9AM on a Saturday so he can spread The Good […]

The Rundown, Pt. 2: Ghost Mice @ Amy’s…And Beyond (aka "A Brief Holiday")

A bit of administrative-type news first — I’m heading out shortly for a much-needed vacation to the wife’s sister’s place in London (well, Ealing, actually, but it’s technically London, although that’s a bit like saying Surfside is technically Houston), so things’re likely to be a bit quiet on the blogging/reviewing/etc. front for next week-and-a-half or […]

Sucked Into the Facebook Void + Mailing List Changes

Yep, I know I’ve been slow lately when it comes to the bloggerating. I’m going to blame it on the wife, for the moment — she started hanging out on Facebook to chat w/her sister in England, then started running into friends from high school and beforehand, and then I got on there so I […]

My Non-Vacating Vacation Is Totally Killing The Scene (For Me, At Least)

Fuck. This week was supposed to be Full-On SCR Time, a whole blast of unadulterated headphones-and-laptop mayhem that would result in me A) clearing the gigantic pile of “oh, crap, I really need to review that” discs off my overburdened desk and B) posting every damn day like a muthafuckah and give myself that happy […]

Mapping the H-town Scene: Winter 2008 Update

Yes, ladies and gents, it’s true — in the intervening time between now and my last post on the subject, I have indeed been working on revamping, updating, and expanding the Awesomely Huge and All-Encompassing Houston Band Map (anybody got any ideas for a better name?). Check the super-duper-sized version of it here, but be […]

(Brief) Update: Interviewing Owen + TV On The Radio at the HoB

I’d originally hoped to do a big-ass update of all the reviews & interviews & such we’ve been stockpiling the past several weeks, but alas, that hasn’t happened. Instead, I’ve been piecemealing things up on the site as necessary, like the Coldplay review David Cobb did or the Caddywhompus and Parts & Labor reviews yours […]

Forcibly Vacating

It’s been a weird week. Due to the vacillations of our disconnected-from-reality market, The Day Job decided to make a big change to our current vacation scheme; as of 1/1, we can’t roll over our vacation days like we used to. We used to accrue time throughout the year, so you’d have to roll some […]

Mapping the H-town Scene, Mk. II

Some folks may remember that way back in the day, Space City Rock began life — as a journalistic-type endeavor, at least — as a real-live paper zine. Our first-ever issue had a bunch of stuff in it, including an interview with members of my soon-to-be-defunct heroes, Jawbox, that I still can’t really believe the […]

SceneWiki Madness

Y’all might recall that I’d briefly mentioned The Skyline Network’s SceneWiki a while back when talking about the BandCamp stuff, but I’ve finally, finally started delving into it myself over the past few days. And I have to admit, it’s pretty fucking addictive. I still have some issues with the interface, I’ll admit, like the […]

Update: A Whole Ton of Stuff (Akimbo, Herman’s Hermits, Octopus Project, Wolf Parade, & a Lot More)

As hinted at previously, it’s been a loooong time since I posted up here about all the reviews, interviews, featured bands, & such. That doesn’t mean, though, that we’ve been sleeping — not even a fucking hurricane can keep this li’l e-zine down, y’all. So, in the interests of letting y’all know about all the […]

Save Your Scene: Bandcamp, Coming Up

Got a friendly email about this pre-Ike, but then it got swept to the side by all the storm winds & having no electricity at the house & yadda, yadda. Sorry about that, you guys! I swear I meant to post about it earlier on… At any rate, the deal is that the three guys […]

And The Lights Come Back On…

Man…before now, I’d never really considered how totally & completely I rely on electrical things all around me to work — now that the power’s back on at SCR HQ, as of yesterday afternoon, I find myself giddily amazed at the fact that the lights actually come on when I hit the switch. Getting into […]

SCR HQ Still Standing

Hey, all — well, it’s been a rough few days here in H-town, but yep, SCR HQ is indeed still standing. We were lucky enough to have a generator on-hand, so while the lights aren’t back on yet, hell, at least we’ve got fans. And, uh, water. And walls and roof. So we’re basically doing […]

Beatdown at The White Swan!

Holy crap. Got this forwarded from good pal Mel, who apparently knows one of the women involved; apparently late Thursday night the co-owner & the sound guy over at local loud-shit club The White Swan attacked a group of kids who’d been at the show, one of whom had knocked on the club door to […]

A Few Changes (For the Good, I Swear)

phew. Well, that wasn’t nearly as painful as it could’ve been — as of late-late last night, Space City Rock is officially off Old Crappy Expensive Webhost and on New Smooth-Running Cheap(er) Webhost, and with any luck, most folks won’t have noticed any difference. If you do find something broken/weird on the site, definitely let […]

Much Badassness This Weekend, Yes…

UPDATE II: Okay, so I started posting this yesterday at 3PM. When’s it go up? Today, long after at least a third of the listed shows actually happened. Fuck you, Blogger. Every time I think shit’s improved, you folks prove me wrong. UPDATE: I found out just a wee bit too late that yeah, the […]

Creature Comforts Art Show & ArtStorm Rule! Please, Stop the Hurting!

Okay, so it seems I inferred incorrectly from a very-very-very brief conversation w/Jacob Calle that he was also doing some kind of organizing for the Creature Comforts Art Show this coming July 12th, and I’m currently feeling like a big ol’ idiot. Per more informed sources than me, Jacob’s not running the show, but just […]

Make Me A Mixtape

Okay, not literally, but that’s kind of the idea. Y’see, yours truly will be hopping on a jetplane at the end of this month to fly to beauteously hot Tucson, Arizona (which is a lot neater, somehow, than it was when I was a child & was forced to spend my summers there). There I’ll […]

In Defense of Music Criticism

Fuck. It happens once or twice a year, these days, but it never gets a whole lot easier — I guess I should be glad we’re not Pitchfork, ’cause I’d imagine they get a shitload of hate mail, given their prominence & the volume of stuff they review. We here at SCR recently slammed a […]

Things We Learned in the Move

Moving is hard. That’s the primary takeaway I’ve gotten from this whole ordeal: it’s a gigantic pain in the ass, and not one I’m likely to undertake again anytime soon. Or, um, ever. Since we’re finally feeling somewhat settled-in at The New Place (which we like quite a bit, mind you, but still…), I figured […]

Not Dead, Just Relocated

Sorry for the quiet on the Space City Rock front, folks — your humble Editor-in-Chief (that is, me) has been working on selling the house and buying a different one for a while now, for a variety of reasons, and after many, many months of crossed fingers and a ridiculous number of house searches on […]

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