Admin Stuff: Classifieds, Going Away…

Hey, all — I’ve come to a bit of a decision with regard to part of the site, and wanted to let folks know in case anybody (for reasons unfathomable to me) gets freaked out by it.

Basically, the classifieds board will be going away, for a handful of reasons. Only a very, very small number of people use the board at all these days, since the switch to the phpBB setup from what had been a totally manual deal where only yours truly could post stuff. The idea was to make things easier for us here at SCR to maintain the classifieds, but the board’s been slammed by insane amounts of spam and bogus account requests since the day it went up.

As a result, we have to spend a stupid amount of time each day trying to weed out the crap requests from the real ones, and frankly, it’s a pain in the ass. Too big a pain in the ass, really, for the teeny-tiny amount of actual traffic to the board. So we’ll be closing it down (the board, mind you, not SCR as a whole — nothing else is changing) and letting would-be classifieds posters hit up Craigslist instead, where they’ll most likely have better luck finding bandmates and selling gear to begin with.

Apologies to anybody who’s currently got a post up on the board — I know there are a handful of y’all. But as of later this evening, the SCR Classifieds will be no more, left only in the memories of the folks who’ve found future bandmates on there or picked up a sweet secondhand amp or drum kit. Wave goodbye, little ads…

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One Response to “Admin Stuff: Classifieds, Going Away…”

  1. Joe Stone on August 22nd, 2011 at 4:21 pm

    I wish I had known about the classifieds and your problems with it. I’ve successfully run several boards using phpBB and managed to keep out spam requests with a plug in that I could have helped you to install.

    Prior to installing the plug in, yeah, some of these boards were maddening with the spammers they attracted.

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