Quick Update: georgia’s Horse. Interview (Tonight at Super Happy!) + American Fangs Review, Up Now

Hey, all — heading off to yet another family dinner thing for the long weekend, but before I go I wanted to mention the new stuff that’s up as of, well, just now… For one, we’ve got a brand-spanking-new interview with the mysteriously cool georgia’s Horse., purveyor of dark, sweet-yet-melancholy folk-country rock, up right here, just in time for her first show in about a year(?) tonight up at Super Happy Fun Land.

Then there’s a sweet review of the May 8th American Fangs show at Fitzgerald’s with cool folks The Vettes (not to mention the last place you look, who also blew the roof off, The 71’s, who were far, far better than I’d expected, and Female Demand, who made me finally go, “ah, now I get it…”). This one’s by new (to us, anyway) writer Dre Giles, and it’s up here, complete w/pictures by yours truly of the Fangs guys.

Check ’em both out, then get up to SHFL tonight, eh?

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