Technical Difficulties

Hey, all — I’m afraid the site’s currently experiencing some technical difficulties in a few areas. We had to switch recently from one hosting provider to another for various reasons, and while the shift went far more smoothly than I’d even hoped it would, we’ve discovered a few issues.

First and foremost, the happy little embedded H-Town Mixtape over there on the right is showing up as a big blank box. But never fear — the music’s not gone, just only currently available in full-sized Mixtape form.

Beyond that, we’re having some truly irritating problems with our ad-serving software; if you happen to click an ad banner, expecting it to take you to, say,, you’ll instead get a “Page Not Found” error on this site. sigh.

We’re currently working on getting this stuff resolved, but there may well be other problems lurking out there. If you run into any, email me at “gaijin” at “spacecityrock dot com”. Thanks for your patience…

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  1. Jeremy Hart on February 21st, 2011 at 12:33 am

    And literally *right* as I post about it, the tech support guys fix the Mixtape issue. Sweet!

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