SCR Gets Twitter-ified

Yep, it’s true — yours truly had been reluctant for a long time now to dive into the whole Twitter thing, in part because, well, we’ve got a whole lot of other stuff to keep up with here at SCR HQ as it is, and adding yet another social media whatsit to the mix seemed a bit like asking to get an ulcer.

But thanks to the good-hearted pestering & initiative of SCR contributor/social media coordinatrix Krystal Schroeder, yes, this little site now has its very own Twitter account: (Thanks, Krystal!)

We’ll be tweeting about whatever random stuff we feel like, so it won’t all necessarily be Space City Rock-related, but it’ll generally have to do with music-type stuff most of the time. Subscribe or follow or whatever the hell it is you do with tweets, and enjoy.

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