Yay, Us!: SCR Wins “Best Local Music Blog”

Uh. Wow. It’s been a rough week at the Day Job, so I’ve been mostly just keeping my head down, trying to get deadlines met & whatnot; the site’s been the furthest thing from my mind most of this week. Which explains the look of stunned surprise that’s currently working its way off my face…

13 Celsius

3000 Caroline Houston, TX. 77004 713-529-8466 “info” at “13celsius dot com”

Late Notice: Atari Teenage Riot, Interviewed/Tonight(!)

Sadly, I may not make it out to the show after all — grumble-grumble day job grumble-grumble — but I didn’t want to let it slip completely by that yep, tonight’s the much-anticipated Atari Teenage Riot show up at the new Groundhall

Burn It All Down: Atari Teenage Riot Returns

It’s funny, but the memory had gotten totally and completely buried, deep in the base of my brain. It wasn’t until I put Burn Berlin Burn, the 1997 double-EP opus from Berlin-bred, raw-as-hell electro-noise slam-punks Atari Teenage Riot on the player once again…

Live: Crystal Castles

On September 13, Crystal Castles came to Houston and caused a small amount of mayhem to ensue. It was my first time going to a concert at the House of Blues, and I wasn’t really sure what kind of crowd to expect…

Andy Mann Street Tapes & Cable Access

In 1968 Andy Mann was one of the only people in New York City with a video camera. He carried it every where he went, and he was treated like a god, an anchorman, or something in between…

Awesome News: Project Grimm & Clouded Ride Again, At Least Temporarily

Holy crap. Just got word that on December 26th of this year, old-school scene kings Project Grimm and Clouded will be reuniting to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the first band’s first show

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Fitz Relaunch III + Slayer (Reviewed!) + Electric Attitude + Fly Fest + Buxton + KTRU Benefit + More

I’ll be down at the beach tomorrow (Surfside in the house…) and celebrating Midget #2’s 1st-ever birthday the next day, so I wanted to point up the cool stuff going on the rest of this weekend at least relatively early — hell, extremely early, for me…

Yr. (Late) Weekend, Pt. 1: Save KTRU/Fitz Relaunch II + Ghost Town Electric + Defending the Kingdom + More

Got the fam in town today (Friday, September 24th), so I’ve been a bit occupied, I’m afraid, and I’ve gotta keep it somewhat brief for the rundown… Been a rough week, folks, and I’m still playing catch-up….

American Fangs. We Have Lift Off.

The first time I saw American Fangs live I was floored. They embodied everything I look for in music. They had the energy, the balls, aggression, and a little bit of stank…

Tonight: Fitzgerald’s, Reborn! (+ Drive-By Truckers + Henry Clay People + Jukebox the Ghost + Hooray For Earth + More)

Okay, so the really big news for tonight (Thurs., September 23rd) is that it marks the reopening/rebranding/re-whatever-ing of venerable club fixture Fitzgerald’s, which was sold a while back…

Slayer, World Painted Blood

You know it’s a good day to be a metalhead when there’s a new Slayer CD out. World Painted Blood is the latest offering from the “troo” kings of metal; Slayer’s a band that has managed to stay true to what they’ve done since day one…

Great Lakes Crew, The Land of the Lakes

Above lyric could not be more accurate. Hip-hop is like a beautiful cut of meat — in the right hands and with proper preparation, it will sizzle, marinate; look and taste great. Some chefs drown their steaks in competing flavors, use too much heat, or distribute it unevenly…

When the Clouds, The Longed-For Season

It doesn’t require refined taste or extensive background information to enjoy The Longed-For Season, the debut EP by When the Clouds. But this easy-to-like ambient music is more than just pretty sounds — it also holds up to an analytical listen…

Street Sweeper Social Club, Ghetto Blaster EP

At first blush, Street Sweeper Social Club sounds like, well, like Rage Against the Machine. And honestly, with Tom Morello’s signature block-y, sharp-edged guitars and riffs sharing the stage, how could it not at least resemble RATM?…

The Progressive Forum: Presenting Speakers with Sack!

To a sold-out crowd of raging liberals in Houston on Wednesday, a former conservative probably got the best reception anyone of her ilk could ever hope to garner from this city’s well-intentioned, aristocratic revolutionaries. In my humble opinion, Arianna Huffington is a PILF (the “P” stands for pundit)…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: Chris Becker/Rachel Cohen + Circuit Bending + Black Rebel Motorcycle Club + More

Okay, so now it’s Sunday, September 19th, the last day of the weekend, and although I’m still trying to recover from last night’s late, late, late {Bright Men of Learning} gig (it’s been a long time since I was at a bar ’til closing time, believe it or not)…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Bright Men of Learning (LP release!) + KTRU Benefit + The Small Sounds + More

Day Two of your weekend, Sat., September 18th, and it’s pretty damn busy, going by what’s on the list. Here’s what I think looks/sounds good, at least (and yeah, I’m having to keep it a bit short; sorry ’bout that)…

Saving KTRU III: Free Radicals Throw It Down for Rice Radio

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Nick Cooper of longstanding funk/jazz/pop/world/etc. outfit {Free Radicals} is a big, big fan of {KTRU}, the beleaguered, possibly-to-be-sold Rice University radio station…

Yr. (Late!) Weekend, Pt. 1: Sleepy Sun + True Widow + TV Buddhas + Giant Battle Monster + Fiskadoro + Free Music Agreement + More

Crap, crap, crap, crap — late as hell again, I’m afraid. On the off chance that you & yours aren’t already out the door to see some cool band somewhere, though, here’s what I think sounds good for tonight, Fri., September 17th

Iron Maiden, The Final Frontier

Metal stalwarts Iron Maiden have returned with the release on The Final Frontier. While most bands of their stature and age are content with releasing Best Ofs and taking the easy payday with summer concerts, these guys have cranked out another stellar collection…

Tonight’s Dilemma: The Gold Sounds vs. Omotai + Side Arms

Fans of good, good music, you’ve got a difficult choice to make tonight (Thurs., September 16th). There aren’t a ton of shows going on, no, but there two in particular that should be cage-match battling for your attention this very evening. Here’re the contenders…

Bright Men of Learning, Fired

It’s about damn time. I’ve been a fan of Bright Men of Learning and its various predecessor bands over the years, from frontman Marshall Preddy’s early Wholesome Rollers project on through the evolving lineups of Telluride, Chasmatic, and the current band, digging ’em live the whole time…

Kid Theodore, Hello Rainey

Salt Lake City natives — now Los Angeles residents — Kid Theodore are a band you may not have heard of yet, but one that you definitely should try to get to know. The band’s sophomore release, Hello Rainey (a follow-up to their debut, seven-song EP Goodnight…Goodnight)…

Drifting Falling

I think he’s back in the country now, but I’m not entirely sure; Jon, who runs the label, was living over in London for a while there, so… Anyway, wherever he’s dwelling right at the moment…

Zam Records

“rozzanozam” at “yahoo dot com”

you&me distro

“youandmedistro” at “yahoo dot com”

Conical Records

A fairly niche label if there ever was one, Conical Recs is pretty much the personal label of Mike Fuller, formerly of entertaining power-popsters {The Sperlings}

WormHole Records

3407 Graustark Apt #2 Houston, TX. 77006

Thrashing Death Power

Yep, another local label run by Beau Beasley; this one’s focused more on the thrash/grindcore/powerviolence side of things. Not sure how much he’s done so far with this, though….

Smelly Menace Records

281-660-3869 “tommcmurray” at “smellymenacerecords dot com”

Stray Dog Records

Kylie Howard 31915 Debbi Lane Magnolia, TX. 77355 “straydogrecords” at “gmail dot com”

Recovery Recordings

1119 Waugh Drive, Suite #1 Houston, TX. 77019 713-520-5791 “info” at “recoveryrecordings dot com”

SignOut Records

Skum Records

Montrose Records

Richard Cagle A&R: 207 Crabapple Dr. Baytown, Texas 77520 713-263-7115 “recagle” at “montroserecords dot net” “llcooper1311” at “sbcglobal dot net”

Latin Touch Records

GNP Records

Local label putting out heavy-as-fuck metal, hardcore, metalcore, punk, and other nearby musical stuff. They’ve currently got stuff out by {Grave Robbers}, Laredo’s Full Contact

Esthetic Noise Records

This one’s the label of now-defunct hip-hop group {Studemont Project}, and while I’m still pissed at ’em for taking my money & never sending me the damn SP CD I ordered waaaay back when, I have to give ’em credit…

Fastlife Records

H-Town Mixtape

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