Late Notice: Atari Teenage Riot, Interviewed/Tonight(!)

Sadly, I may not make it out to the show after all — grumble-grumble day job grumble-grumble — but I didn’t want to let it slip completely by that yep, tonight’s the much-anticipated Atari Teenage Riot show up at the new Groundhall (aka The Engine Room of yore).

And holy crap is it going to be mind-blowingly insane. How do I know? Well, because I’ve been listening the hell out of 1997’s Burn Berlin Burn lately, as well as 1999’s 60 Second Wipe Out, and am realizing why I used to listen to this band so damn much Back In The Day. Check out a brand-new track from the band; it doesn’t sound like they’ve missed a step:

Atari Teenage Riot – “Activate!” (MP3)

Plus, I was able to e-chat a bit with ATR frontman Alec Empire about the reunion, the shows, the band drama, and all the rest — check it out on over here. Naturally, every answer made a dozen more questions pop into my head, but time was limited; even still, I’m glad I got to talk with the guy…

The show features a slew of local folks, btw, including kick-yr-ass post-punks Black Congress, more garage-y/punky Weird Party, and misanthropic Wire/Gang of Four channelers Balaclavas, all of whom would honestly blow you away if you saw ’em solo; seeing them all in a row, followed by ATR in all its anarchic fury, is going to be crazy.

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