K2 Records

“k2” at “k2records dot net”

D.C.E. Records

Part of the Dark Cauldron Entertainment group, if I’m not mistaken, this label’s put out lots of local death metal-type stuff, including releases…

Broken Monolith Records

A new-ish label in town, I believe, this one’s apparently a “sub-label” of the existing Deadline Noise Recordings label, and both are run out of the same address. The thing’s a joint venture between DNR honcho {Richard Ramirez} & new(?) partner Jovan Hernandez

Morbid Metal Records

HomeSkool Rekordz

A very cool new-ish local label, run (I think) by the Digital Warehaus guys, and one that’s got pretty wide-ranging (and excellent) tastes in music…

i.am.we.commUNITY music

Richmond, TX.

Ground Sloth Media

Spring, TX. Press: “press” at “groundslothmedia dot com” Customer Service: “store” at “groundslothmedia dot com” Sales: “wholesale” at “groundslothmedia dot com”

KOI Records

Ah, cool; I’d heard about this particular label many moons ago now, but then they dropped off my radar, at least… Glad to see they’re still around; while I wasn’t looking, they’ve steadily put out release after release of mostly old-school-style punk rock…

Drifting Falling

I think he’s back in the country now, but I’m not entirely sure; Jon, who runs the label, was living over in London for a while there, so… Anyway, wherever he’s dwelling right at the moment…

Zam Records

“rozzanozam” at “yahoo dot com”

you&me distro

“youandmedistro” at “yahoo dot com”

Conical Records

A fairly niche label if there ever was one, Conical Recs is pretty much the personal label of Mike Fuller, formerly of entertaining power-popsters {The Sperlings}

WormHole Records

3407 Graustark Apt #2 Houston, TX. 77006

Thrashing Death Power

Yep, another local label run by Beau Beasley; this one’s focused more on the thrash/grindcore/powerviolence side of things. Not sure how much he’s done so far with this, though….

Smelly Menace Records

281-660-3869 “tommcmurray” at “smellymenacerecords dot com”

Stray Dog Records

Kylie Howard 31915 Debbi Lane Magnolia, TX. 77355 “straydogrecords” at “gmail dot com”

Recovery Recordings

1119 Waugh Drive, Suite #1 Houston, TX. 77019 713-520-5791 “info” at “recoveryrecordings dot com”

SignOut Records

Skum Records

Montrose Records

Richard Cagle A&R: 207 Crabapple Dr. Baytown, Texas 77520 713-263-7115 “recagle” at “montroserecords dot net” “llcooper1311” at “sbcglobal dot net”

Latin Touch Records

GNP Records

Local label putting out heavy-as-fuck metal, hardcore, metalcore, punk, and other nearby musical stuff. They’ve currently got stuff out by {Grave Robbers}, Laredo’s Full Contact

Esthetic Noise Records

This one’s the label of now-defunct hip-hop group {Studemont Project}, and while I’m still pissed at ’em for taking my money & never sending me the damn SP CD I ordered waaaay back when, I have to give ’em credit…

Fastlife Records

Silver Dragon Records

3452 Palmer Hwy. PMB#308 Texas City, TX. 77590 409-939-0897 Fax: 409-948-4409 “info” at “silver-dragon-records dot com”

Agro-Wax Records

As near as I can tell, this label is just about brand-freaking new, and while they don’t seem to have anything solid out yet, they’ve got downloads up for free of some upcoming stuff, notably releases by punks {Janitor} and Crime Wave

Arcana Records

(281) 352-8458 “Villain” at “arcanarecords dot com”

Team Science Records

Damn, I love these guys. One of the more accomplished labels in town, the Team Science crew (who seem to’ve dropped the exclamation point that used to follow the “Science” part) have been cranking out excellent, excellent stuff, by locals and folks from elsewhere, for several years now…


Local noise label run by long-standing scenester/zine-maker Carlos Pozo; he’s put out stuff by his own projects, {Pechuga} and {Price Taggery}, by Sealy-dweller {T.E.F.}, and by Brooklynite turntablist Maria Chavez, I believe…

G.O.A.T. Entertainment

Dunno much about these folks, other than they seem to be pretty much a hip-hop label, with at least one release by a guy named HQ

ArtStorm Records

This is the record label “arm” of the ArtStorm art collective thingy, and unfortunately, it appears to’ve gone dormant since the group released the awesome Summer Exposure comp…

Dull Knife

Dull Knife is hands-down one of the neatest labels in town; I can’t claim to be a huge fan of every band whose music they release, but they do some really good stuff (all vinyl, naturally). The first {Hearts of Animals} 7″ was/is pretty excellent…

Needless Records

Okay, I’ll be honest: I’m not entirely sure this label’s based in Houston, but it sure seems like they are, at least. (If not, let me know, and I’ll take it off the list…) They’ve released stuff by {The Wiggins}, which is a damn fine thing…

Ditchwater Records

I’m a big fan of this label, run by local photog/music maven Rosa Guerrero; she & her compatriots (Daniel Shaw & Eric Roy) put out some of the coolest, nicest-looking 7″s released in this town in at least a decade…


“richkimball315” at “hotmail dot com” A cool-sounding, self-described “boutique” label out of Lake Jackson, run by those crazy folks behind Fiskadoro, DEATHISASTAR (not sure about the capitalization/spacing of that, btw) seems to mostly put out stuff by said band and outlying associates like A Thousand Cranes, In the Pouring Rain, or Armedalite Rifles (from NY).

Disease Foundry Recordings

A seriously weird one; I honestly have no clue if the stuff these folks put out is the heaviest, nastiest metal imaginable or utterly cromulent, repulsive noise. If you’re into at least one of those things, though — hey, here you go…

Paper Stamp Record Co.

Don’t know a lot about this label, except that they’ve put out stuff by {Giant Princess}, {Azul Karabi}, {The Common Toad}, & {B L A C K I E}, among others, and they’re based (I think) over in Pasadena…

Deadline Noise Recordings

Richard Ramirez 17010 Blairwood Drive Houston, TX. 77049 “deadlinerecordings” at “hotmail dot com”

Heavy Leather Records

I freaking love the info provided by Beau Beasley, main man behind Heavy Leather, so hell, I’m just going to paste it in here…

Iconoclast Productions

21002 Sand Springs Trail Crosby, TX. 77532 (281) 740-4927

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