Awesome News: Project Grimm & Clouded Ride Again, At Least Temporarily

Holy crap. Just got word that on December 26th of this year, old-school scene kings Project Grimm and Clouded will be reuniting to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the first band’s first show, waaaaaay back in the day. Which is (duh) absolutely awesome to hear.

Now, I’m not going to lie — it’s been a very long time since I’ve listened to either band, and I wasn’t ever a huge Project Grimm fan to begin with (although I never saw ’em live, I don’t think), but Clouded was one of the first bands out of H-town to ever make me sit up & pay attention (their self-titled debut album gave me chills, I swear), and both bands were pretty legendary in their time.

Seeing as these folks are all-growed-up these days, I’m assuming this is a one-off, never-again deal, but hey, I don’t care; this still promises to be epic. Got my fingers crossed that this actually comes to pass…

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