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Yr (Late-Starting) Weekend: Cancellations + Why? + Bright Men + The ARE + last place you look + More [11/07/2009 01:50:00 AM]:
Late start to the weekend, yeah, but eh, that's how it goes...

First off, there's been some odd/weird cancellations & reschedulings lately, like the Stryper show that was supposed to be this past Thursday but has been pushed back to Dec. 21st, due to, um, the guys in the band having the flu. Considerate of 'em to not want to infect everybody, although I'm thinking it's a little unlikely.

There's also the Queen Latifah and Evil Incarnate shows on Friday, November 13th, both cancelled -- dunno why Queen Latifah's cancelled, but apparently one of the guys in Evil Incarnate got in a bad motorcycle wreck & can't play. A little further out, there's the Tues., November 24th show with Dashboard Confessional, New Found Glory, & Meg & Dia, which is also now cancelled.

On the plus side, I saw the other day that awesomely cool turntablist Peanut Butter Wolf will be at Numbers on Sat., December 12th; haven't heard anything new from the guy for a while, but My Vinyl Weighs A Ton is a freaking classic, seriously.

As for this weekend & beyond, there's a crapload going on, as always. In the minus column, I hate to say it, but American Idol's David Cook's show looks fairly guaranteed to suck, partly because of his lackluster self and partly because Irish band The Script is opening. Saw 'em open for Adele, and they were stunningly awful, like a lame, bland amalgam of U2 and Third Eye Blind.

For much, much better things, tomorrow night there's also an excellent-sounding show at Walter's with Cali weird-hoppers Why? (which may or may not be in all caps, I'm not sure), who've gone a totally different, totally non hip-hop direction with their new album, Eskimo Snow -- it's like They Might Be Giants doing loose-limbed psych-pop, from what I've heard. There's also the opening of new venue The Canvas, over off Telephone Rd., with cool-ass folks like listenlisten & Chase Hamblin.

500 Megatons of Boogie are playing up at Rudyard's, too, with underrated openers Bright Men of Learning, who're getting better and better with every release they (um, verrrrry slowly) put out. Russian funk-pop people Mumiy Troll (the frontman of whom played a vampire in Nightwatch, btw, movie trivia lovers) are at The Meridian, Brett Koshkin's doing his "Dirty Honey" show at Boondocks, this time with very cool hip-hop dudes The ARE, and metalcore up-and-comers Before There Was Rosalyn, who signed to Victory Recs a while back, are having their official CD release elsewhere in The Meridian.

Oh, and then there's Arthur Yoria, playing at some kind of fall festival at the Last Concert Cafe, and the An Albatross show at The Mink with Dark Meat, Roller, & raw-as-fuck dudes Black Congress.

For Sunday, there's AC/DC, more listenlisten (this time at the Block 7 Wine Co.), more Bright Men of Learning (at Big Star Bar), HEALTH at Mango's with the mind-blowing Ghost Mountain. Another installment of the Resonant Interval Sound Series, too, this time curated by Michelle Yom of Doggebi & solo flute-mangling fame and featuring Astrogenic Hallucinauting (aka Michelle's Doggebi cohort Spike the Percussionist), DEAL, & Eat Grapes.

And hey, if you're a bit further south of town than that, one of my favorite local rock bands, the last place you look, will be blowing shit up with their melodic, heavy, crunching brand of emo, playing down in Clear Lake at The Scout Bar (along with From Guts To Glory & Floorbound). Here's the full list for the next two days...

Sat., November 7:
Why?/Au/The Moore Brothers @ Walter's on Washington (9PM; $10)
Grand Opening of The Canvas Multi-Arts Venue, featuring Sideshow Tramps, listenlisten, Deux Frupis, Chase Hamblin, Espantapajaros, & The Mighty Orq @ The Canvas (708 Telephone Rd.)
500 Megatons of Boogie/ Ghosttown Electric/Bright Men of Learning @ Rudyard's
Mumiy Troll/Come See My Dead Person @ The Meridian
Dirty Honey, featuring DJ Brett Koshkin & The ARE @ Boondocks
Fall Festival, featuring Arthur Yoria & Los No Ensayos, Stephanie Briggs, & Live Oak Decline @ Last Concert Cafe
Johnny Romano Skate Jam After Party, featuring the Kracker Nutz @ Numbers
An Albatross/Dark Meat/The Roller/Black Congress @ Mango's
Before There Was Rosalyn (CD release)/Upon A Burning Body/Molotov Solution/American Me/Through The Fallen Skys/Courage Sleeps/In The Storm/At Calvary @ The Meridian
Mojo Nixon & the Toadliquors/New Duncan Imperials/Dash Rip Rock @ The Continental Club
The Julys/Sideshow Tragedy/Jonathan Wilkins @ The Mink
Chris Sacco @ The Big Top
Haunting Oboe Music/Transmography/Components of the Modern Age/The Bottom Four/Prayer For Animals @ Super Happy Fun Land

Sun., November 8:
AC/DC @ Toyota Center
listenlisten @ Block 7 Wine Company
HEALTH/Lovvers/Somosuno/Ghost Mountain @ Mango's
Bright Men of Learning/DJ ADR @ Big Star Bar
Resonant Interval Sound Series, featuring Astrogenic Hallucinauting, DEAL, & Eat Grapes @ 2808 Milam (8PM; $5)
The Texas Buzz, featuring the last place you look, From Guts To Glory, & Floorbound @ The Scout Bar (Clear Lake)

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