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Yr Weekend, Pt. 2: Guitars (Say Goodbye) + Art Brut (Reviewed!) + Co-Pilot + Resonant Interval + More [10/24/2009 09:16:00 PM]:
Gah...late, late, late -- spent today with the fam, so I've fallen tragically behind and missed mentioning a few things, like the nearly-over Foam Raiser over at The Orange Show with the awesome Grandfather Child & The Wild Moccasins, and this Low Carbon Rally thing that was at least supposed to happen in the early afternoon in front of City Hall, with Giant Princess & Young Mammals rocking out environmentally. Sorry about that, y'all.

On the flipside, there's still stuff going on that you can make it to tonight, plus some good stuff tomorrow. Here goes:

Sat., October 24:
Guitars (final Houston show!)/Airon Paul Dugas & The Religion/Sew What @ Big Star Bar
Damn, damn, damn. I'm sad as hell to see local garage-rockers Guitars go, primarily because while I was so-so on 'em live, their full-length from earlier this year, White Night White Night, was pretty jaw-droppingly cool. (And I love Chris Gray, but don't believe him when he calls the band "Pavementesque" -- there's far more Velvet Underground going on here than Pavement, I swear.) Check out the band one last time before they split for North Carolina (wha?), and make sure to get there early -- the show starts at 10PM, I hear -- to catch the also-cool Airon Paul Dugas & The Religion, who may or may not be fellow local retro-rockers Paris Falls in disguise, and murky/quirky folk duo Sew What. Recommended. Go. (And yeah, I hear it's free, on top of all the rest of it.)

Art Brut/Princeton/Ghormeh Sabzi @ Walter's on Washington
The one site-related thing I did do today, actually, was finishing writing up a review of Art Brut's excellent new one, Art Brut vs. Satan -- me and the little guy chilled out in the early afternoon and listened to Eddie Argos ramble about being too shy to talk to girls, loving rock'n roll, the evil of music industry charts, and I feel like Argos is a weird kind of kindred spirit (although it's depressing that I'm nearly a decade older than he is). Satan is a peek inside the head of a kindhearted music nerd, the kind of friend you love to talk bands with and who has lots of little rules they apply to the things they love (I dunno anybody like that, no...), and it's pretty great. Check the full review here.

Co-Pilot/The Jonx/Clouds Are Ghosts @ The Mink (9PM; $3/$6)
Two of my favorite Houston/Austin bands around, Co-Pilot & The Jonx, sharing the same stage -- niiiiice. Wish I could see it, honestly, because it's been too damn long since I saw either band play. They're not exactly a perfect fit, what with Co-Pilot's sleepy/fist-pumping spacegazery and The Jonx's intensely smart, Minutemen-esque, nearly desperate-sounding indie-math-rock, but they make up for it by both being, well, awesome bands.

Kristine Mills/David Rice @ McGonigel's Mucky Duck
I met Kristine Mills, weirdly enough, when the kindly guys at The Revelry Report invited me to come blather on-air at KTRU; chatted with her briefly before she performed, and I hate to say it, but I was kind of cringing to hear what she sounded like. Jazz isn't my thing, honestly, and vocal, standards-type jazz doubly so (unless we're talking Nina Simone, mind you). Ms. Mills was pretty impressive, however, and I walked out of there thinking I needed to hear her again sometime. And hey, I haven't seen David Rice since I was in college -- good to know he's still around.

Arthur Yoria @ Rudyard's
Wanda Jackson/Miss Leslie and Her Juke-Jointers @ The Continental Club
2nd Annual Rock The Cradle, featuring Los Skarnales & McRad @ Lee & Joe Jamail Skatepark
Glenn Tilbrook @ Listening Room (NiaMoves; 508 Pecore)
The Bravery/Living Things/The Dustys @ Warehouse Live
Wanda Jackson After-Party, featuring DJ Black Slacks, Psychedelic Sex Panther, & DJ Paisley Pilgrim @ The Big Top/The Pachinko Room
The Tragically Hip @ House of Blues
15th Annual Houston Women's Festival, featuring Michelle Malone, Suzanna Choffel, Ginger Leigh, Sick of Sarah, Jevette, Natalia Zuckerman, Trina Hamlin, Halcyon, Vicci Martinez, Gadget White Band, & Flawlessly Inadequate @ Jones Plaza (12PM-10PM)
3rd Annual Texas City Music Fest, featuring Jerry Jeff Walker, John Conlee, & Texas Johnny Brown @ Nessler Park (Texas City)

Sun., October 25:
International Blues Challenge Regional Finals, featuring Rory Jagdeo, DuPree, Bill Nelson, Byron Hudson, & more @ Dan Electro's Guitar Bar
Mentioned this before, but it's still cool -- this is apparently one of the finals for one of the "rounds" (the singer-songwriter round, maybe?) of the International Blues Challenge, and it's bound to be freaking great.

Resonant Interval Sound Series, featuring Will Adams & Lucas Gorham @ 2808 Milam (8PM; $5)
Mentioned this new series before, to boot, but this week's looks just as cool as the last -- this time it's Will Adams, alumnus of several of the coolest bands ever to walk the stages of this city (Jessica Six & The Ka-Nives, for two), and Lucas Gorham, formerly of Satin Hooks & now fronting the mind-blowing Grandfather Child (when he's not playing solo as Sad Gorilla, that is). Two supremely talented musicians, each doing their own things...

Star Wars In Concert @ Toyota Center
Oh, c'mon. C3PO will be there, for crying out loud. You know you want to.

That's all I've got for now -- more soon...

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