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Yr Weekend, Pt. 1: Springfield Riots (Reviewed!) + Gift of Gab + The Manichean + Youth Brigade + More [10/30/2009 10:21:00 PM]:
That time again (well, past it, actually), and there's good, good shit to do tonight, so get on out of the house, eh?

Springfield Riots/Ringo Deathstarr/The Factory Party @ The Mink (9PM; $5/$8)
Yep, this one's just about to start, so get your ass over to The Mink -- headliners Springfield Riots play some awesomely warm-sounding, sweetly melodic, happy/sad pop-rock, and believe me when I tell you they're really one of the best things going in H-town right now. Check the full review of their debut EP (they're reportedly aiming to have a full-length out by December, which'll be cool) up here. Openers Ringo Deathstarr -- who're from Austin and who aren't bad, in a spacerock-meets-New Wave way and The Factory Party, whose own EP is on my pile to review ASAP, are a nice bonus.

Patty Bullet (CD release)/Gift of Gab (Blackalicious)/The Otherside/Fly Nice/Friends of the Enemy (reunion!)/BBC/Karina Nistal @ Dan Electro's Guitar Bar ($10)
Okay, this is a weird one. It's a CD release for local hip-hop lady Patty Bullet, and her supporting act is...Gift of Gab, from Blackalicious? The hell? But hey, I'm definitely not hating the idea; Gab's supremely agile lyrical flow has always been my favorite part of Blackalicious, and it's cool to see him in such a non-Big Time Rapper environment.

The Manichean/Two Star Symphony/ listenlisten/ Matt McDonald @ The Mekong Skyline (2808 Milam; 8PM, $7)
Damn, I hope this one's still going on with all the rain we've been having -- it was supposed to be an outside show up on the roof of 2808 Milam, and there're some excellent folks playing, from The Manichean to listenlisten.

Youth Brigade/Iron Age/Roots of Exile/No Talk @ Walter's
Already talked a bit about this one & how damn cool it is, but I figured I'd point to it again, y'know? Plus, I like what I've heard of all-out hardcore guys No Talk.

Thee Rocktober Costume Party, featuring Thee Armada, The Finalist, Driver F, Mechanical Boy, Disco Curtis, Amber Skyline, & am @ The Meridian
I like this one mostly for Thee Armada, who I think have gotten somewhat the short end of the stick in local music press -- sure, they're pretty young and goofy, and they sound a lot like most of the post-Taking Back Sunday alt-rock crew, but I swear, they actually know what they're doing, song-wise.

Motion Turns It On (CD release)/Golden Cities/Female Demand/Limb @ Mango's
I believe this is not only Motion Turns It On's CD release, but their tour kickoff, too; still need to hear more of those guys, I swear... Golden Cities, though, I'm pretty impressed with -- epic, point-to-the-sky instro-psych rock -- and Female Demand are mesmerizing when they do their rhythmic as hell two-man instrumental thing.

Drive By Truckers @ House of Blues
Mute Math/As Tall As Lions @ Warehouse Live
Chase Long Beach/The Failed Attempt/Always Guilty @ Fitzgerald's
Los Straitjackets/The Octanes/Molly and the Ringwalds @ The Continental Club
Carolyn Wonderland @ McGonigel's Mucky Duck
Spooky Haunted Fright Lair, featuring The Haunted Warehouse, Cop Warmth, Bruiser, Organ Failure, Future Blondes, Thou Shalt Not Kill...Except, Serum Fantis, & Un Bear Ables @ Super Happy Fun Land
Blaggards @ Molly Maguire's
Room 101 @ Houston Center for Culture
Burn The Boats/Dickey Hands/The American Heist @ Rudyard's
Undead Dance Party & Art Show, featuring Ceeplus Bloody Knives, Count G Wizz, Bobby DJ of the Damned, & Fredster Deadster @ Warehouse Live (Green Room)

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