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Yr Weekend, Pt. 2: Dannzig + Meat Puppets + Sherwood + Buxton + The Haunted Warehouse + More [10/30/2009 11:38:00 PM]:
More to do, more to do, so I figured I'd better get it out there now for folks who aren't already committed to dressing up as deranged hillbillies or Twilight rejects for parties at their friends' houses. Have a safe, freakish weekend, y'all. Here goes:

Sat., October 31:
Final Walter's Show on Washington, featuring Dannzig (Danzig/Misfits/Samhain tribute), Grandfather Child, Davement (Young Mammals/ Mathletes/ Giant Princess Pavement tribute), & The Burden @ Walter's on Washington
My pick for the show to check out this Halloween -- first off, the headliners are Dannzig, a Glen Danzig tribute band featuring some of the guys from The Jonbenét, and then there's the awesome blues-rawk smackdown of Grandfather Child, plus Davement, a Pavement tribute band that includes members of Young Mammals, The Mathletes, & Giant Princess. Hard to beat...

Meat Puppets/The Darlins/Nasty 'Stache @ Rudyard's
I love that the Meat Puppets are still touring, still alive, still whatever. I've always respected the hell out of those guys for doing what they do no matter what... Oh, and they also happen to be badass, which helps.

Spooky Haunted Fright Lair, featuring The Haunted Warehouse, The Monster's Ball, Organ Failure, Rusted Shut, The Krinkles, Elecktrahozen, Offisir God, & The Electric Love Drone @ Super Happy Fun Land
I dunno, I just like the idea of the cool kooks at Super Happy Fun Land turning the place into a haunted house for Halloween. Should be damn entertaining, if you ask me.

Hanson/Hellogoodbye/Steel Train/Sherwood @ House of Blues
Okay, okay, okay -- I have no desire to see Hanson or Hellogoodbye or Steel Train, but I do think Sherwood are pretty freaking good, in a strangely The Outfield-meets-Jimmy Eat World kind of way. If shimmery, shiny, smiling melodies and shy-boy harmonies make your skin crawl, stay far, far away, but if you like that sort of stuff (as I happen to), well...

Halloween Party, featuring Baby Robots, Exterminating Angels, Abigail Und Hansel, Skullcaster, & more @ Notsuoh ($5)
Halloween Party, featuring Beans Barton & The Bi-Peds & Tribal Belly Dancers @ Dan Electro's Guitar Bar
Hallow Scream Fest, featuring Prophecy, Insidious Decrepancy, Torsectomy, Brutally Mutilated, The Nephilim Terror, Infernal Butchery, Sculpting Atrocity, & Injurious Physical Violence @ The White Swan
Lynyrd Skynyrd @ Moody Gardens (Galveston)

Tues., November 3:
Surfer Blood/Muhammidali/Buxton @ Mango's Nah, I've got no clue who Surfer Blood, but I definitely know the roots-pop boys of Buxton, and they're well worth seeing on their own -- excellent, catchy, propulsive rootsy pop-rock that crosses all kinds of lines to become something totally its own. Then there's Muhammidali, who're a merry trio(?) of rough-edged indie-rockers sucking in all kinds of '90s indie-rock touchstones. Good shit, seriously.

The Umbrella Man @ The Continental Club

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