Live: Buxton’s 10-Year Anniversary Show

Ten years is a long time to be in a band. It’s like dog years. I’ve never been in a band for ten years — the band I’m in now has had the name for that long, but only one of the guys has been in the band the whole time… So like I said, ten years is a long time, and that’s something to celebrate…

Free Press Summerfest Day 2: I’m A Survivor!

By Sunday, I felt like I was a pro at getting around on the Free Press Summer Fest grounds. The festival organizers were also getting better at knowing what they needed to change…

Summerfest 2012 Lineup Now Online

Yep, folks, that much-anticipated moment is finally upon us: the folks behind the Free Press Summerfest have released the official lineup for this year’s festival, which’ll be taking place this coming June 2nd & 3rd

Tonight: football, etc. + Reverse the Curse + Pswingset + Yes, Inferno + Square & Compass, at Vinyl Junkie

While I’ll admit that part of me is desperately wishing I could hang with Mos Def & Talib Kweli at the House of Blues tonight…

Team Science Records

Damn, I love these guys. One of the more accomplished labels in town, the Team Science crew (who seem to’ve dropped the exclamation point that used to follow the “Science” part) have been cranking out excellent, excellent stuff, by locals and folks from elsewhere, for several years now…

Update!: Frightened Rabbit + Papermoons (Tonight! Leaving Town!) + Sharks and Sailors (8/1) + Paul Weller(!) + Autovein + More

Update time, and somewhat of an urgent one, to boot — in the spirit of Just-In-Time Reviewing (which is all the trend these days, don’tcha know), we’ve got a brand-new review up of Papermoons inaugural full-length, New Tales, and holy crap, they just happen to be playing tonight. Imagine that… Anyway, the band’s playing up […]

Papermoons, New Tales

It’s the warmth that does it. New Tales feels soft and gentle and — most of all — somehow warm throughout, like a well-used blanket when you’re really needing one. There’s barely an offensive note here, just delicately-balanced harmony vocals…

Tonight’s Dilemma: mr. Gnome @ Rudz / Papermoons & Bright Men @ The Mink / Dizzypilot & Murdocks @ Walter’s

Yeah, you read that title right — tonight’s another “damn, I wish I had a cloning machine…” night, with great, great things happening all over our (not-so-)fair city… Option Uno: Tops on my list is tonight at Rudyard’s, where Clevelanders mr. Gnome will be blowing the roof off, setting hair on fire, and creeping everybody […]

Update: Papermoons + Japanther + Crosby Loggins + Saves The Day + more

New year, new reviews — got ’em up late last week… It’s a good batch, too; we’ve got local indie-folkies Papermoons, with a review of their cool debut(?) 7″ up here. The band’s playing this coming Saturday, January 19th up at Walter’s on Washington, with Buxton, By the End of Tonight, & Ghost Mountain, and […]

Papermoons, Papermoons (7″)

Okay, so I’ve put off listening to Papermoons self-titled debut 7″ for a little while now. I could be scrupulously honest and talk about how I’m a lazy ass who forgets things, or wax poetic about how having a kid and no longer having the space/time to review stuff…

Live: The Willowz/The Scattered PAGES/The Papermoons

Tuesday night is pretty much the definition of an off-night for gigs, but nevertheless, your fearless reviewer braved the boho attic that is The Mink for some midweek hedonsim. Before the gig even started I managed to lacerate my thumb on something, proving that A. I am a special and unique snowflake, and B. aspirin really does make you bleed more than normal…

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