Team Science Records

Aaron Danger
4329 1/2 Leeland
Houston, TX. 77023
“teamsciencerecords” at “gmail dot com”

Damn, I love these guys. One of the more accomplished labels in town, the Team Science crew (who seem to’ve dropped the exclamation point that used to follow the “Science” part) have been cranking out excellent, excellent stuff, by locals and folks from elsewhere, for several years now.

I really, truly love the Papermoons full-length they put out a while back, as well as the awesome, semi-posthumous Teenage Kicks LP (the vinyl version of the Action Town Recs release, I believe). Beyond that, they’ve put out albums/7″s/CDs by well-respected folks like Matt & Kim, World/Inferno Friendship Society, The Swellers, and keyboard-rocker Franz Nicolay(!), the latter of whom apparently has a new one coming out soon.

Plus, they’ve got the first full-length by local old-school pseudo-punks The Energy and a 7″ by Black Congress, both of which should be well worth checking out…

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