Last-Minute Show + Some Bad News: Resonant Interval, Right Now

Argh. Spent the day mostly blissfully disconnected from all things Internet-like, so I’m only seeing this now… Turns out that there’s a surprise Resonant Interval Sound Series show tonight up at the group’s new space, which is yet another currently-unused retail area in the Mekong Center building (2808 Milam). They’re calling it “The Exoskeleton,” which […]

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: George Clinton + Suspects + Sharks and Sailors + Lotus Effect + Scout Bar + More

Gotta keep this somewhat short, as an impatient midget is currently demanding I go with her on a bike ride through the ‘hood, but there’s a ton going on tonight/today (Sat., April 24th), and I didn’t want to miss mentioning it: iFest, featuring George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, Dave Alvin & the Guilty Women, Los […]

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Beach House (Reviewed!/Sold Out!) + Small Sounds + Pant Factory (Reviewed!) + Rosie Flores Cancels + More

Damn, damn, damn. Well, I did have this grand plan of getting a bit of an early jump on the week’s/weekend’s shows, but sadly, other stuff intervened. And now, sadly, I am reduced to the grinding-it-out, day-by-day mess I typically end up doing. I need a time machine. Anybody got one I could borrow? Anyway…there’s […]

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: sIngs + iFest + Dead Rabbits + Local H + Adelaine + Michale Graves + More

Yet another one of those weekends when we Houston-dwelling folks are spoilt for choice, seriously; there’s enough good stuff going on tonight & tomorrow that if you claim to be bored & unable to find anything good in Houston, music-wise, you’re a fucking idiot. Here goes: Sat., April 17: sIngs (CD release)/ Casiotone for the […]

Record Store Day Madness, Today at Cactus, Vinal Edge & Sig’s

UPDATE: Argh. I suck. In my haste to slap something up here about Record Store Day, I totally neglected to mention one of my favorite bastions of music-dom, Sig’s Lagoon. Which is particularly stupid since today they’re having their quasi-annual Swap ‘n Bop (both at Sig’s and at The Pachinko Hut, nearby), with lots of […]

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Priestess + KTRU Live Vol. 2 + Mouse Fire + Benjamin Wesley + Show News + More

Hey, all — it’s been utter silence from over here this week, I realize, and I apologize wholeheartedly for that. My life got pretty well swallowed up by the Day Job these past seven days or so, to the point where I’d go home & spend most of my evenings on the couch with the […]

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: Camera Obscura + Dead To The World (Reviewed!) + Born Liars + Resonant Interval + More

And now it’s Sunday, April 11th, and (maybe) surprisingly, there’s still quite a bit going on… Before I go into it, though I’m sad to have to report that it looks like the Wye Oak show I’d been told (a while back, admittedly) would be happening tonight at Mango’s, um, isn’t. Sorry, y’all — it’s […]

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Black Congress + Omotai + The Suspects + KTRU Show + The Freeze + More

Yep, it’s Saturday, April 10th, Day #2 of your weekend musical madness, and plenty more going on; here’s the rundown, although I’ll have to keep it somewhat brief, I’m afraid: Black Congress (7″ release)/Omotai/Golden Axe @ Rudyard’s My top pick of the evening, although it’s definitely a close thing. I still need to see instro-metal […]

Free Music at Cactus, Today (+ KTRU Outdoor Show Postponed a Wee Bit)

Well, it seems the rain we’ve been seeing here at SCR HQ has also hit the Rice University campus, meaning that the organizers of the KTRU Outdoor Show have had to postpone a teeny-tiny bit, shifting the start time back from noon to 1:30PM in order to dodge the precipitation. So shift your schedules accordingly, […]

"House of Hits" Book Signing at Sig’s (+ Party at The Continental)

This is a pretty neat one… In case you haven’t heard, longtime SugarHill Studios engineer Andy Bradley and veteran Houston music chronicler Roger Wood (whose book, Down in Houston, I’ve been wanting to read for a while now) collaborated on a new book about the history of SugarHill and its predecessor(?), Gold Star Studios. It’s […]

KTRU Outdoor Show, Tomorrow

Yep, it’s that time again — the ever-entertaining KTRU Outdoor Show (the 19th, apparently, as of this year) is tomorrow, Saturday, April 10th. The fun starts at noon and runs ’til 9PM or so — actually, I first saw the end time as “nightfall,” but the KTRU site lists it at “9PM,” so that’s what […]

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: The Jonx (Reviewed!) + Grandfather Child + Balaclavas + Mia Kat + Skavaganza + More

Wow. Tonight, Friday, April 9th, is shaping up to be one hell of a night, I swear. And yes, I’m saying that primarily because of the slew of H-town’s own who’re playing, not the handful of bigger-name folks touring through town; sorry, y’all, but most nights I’d really rather be blown away by the locals… […]

Benefit Time: Help Girls Rock Out, Tonight

Okay, so I fibbed a little; there is another especially cool, neat thing going on tonight, namely a benefit this evening for Girls Rock Camp Houston up at Boheme (307 Fairview from 5-10PM. The shindig’s being put on by the always-cool Spacetaker (with whom we sometimes flatteringly get confused) doing their “Cultured Cocktails” thing to […]

Bru’s Shit Gets Stolen (& A Benefit to Help Him Out)

Dammit, people. I leave town for four freaking days, and y’all go batshit crazy. What the hell? I missed the initial news while preparing to travel, unfortunately, but apparently last Tuesday (March 31st) one or more raging asshats broke into the home of Marc Brubaker, the editor of Interwebs pals Houstonist, member of Prairie Cadets, […]

Tonight: The White Mice + Wall With One Side + A Place to Bury Strangers + War Master + The Big Pink + More

There’s actually quite a bit going on tonight, Wed., April 7th — weirdly so for a Wednesday, really — so I figured I’d mention a few things, in particular… The White Mice/Useless Children/Wall With One Side/Golden Axe @ Super Happy Fun Land This show wins prize of place in part due to the sheer weirdness […]

The Rundown (3/31-4/5): Roky Moon + Wild Moccasins + The Manichean + Red Sparowes + Hearts of Animals + More

I’ll be offline somewhat for the next few days, so I figured I’d better do a full-ish rundown of all the week’s shows for you folks who’ll be around. Feels a little weird, actually; I’ve been doing the day-by-day for so long I can’t remember the last time I did a real-live Rundown. Here goes: […]

Radical H-Town History, By Bike

I have no doubt that this won’t appeal to some, but I still think it looks pretty damn cool. U of H’s Students for a Democratic Society is doing a Radical History Bike Tour this coming Sunday, April 4th, starting at the Cougar Den at UH University Center at 12:30PM, that’ll take riders on a […]

Tonight: Local Rock Heroes Go It Alone at Boondocks

I’ll be offline for a bit towards the end of the week, so I’m hoping to post a “big” rundown of everything that’s going on over the next few days, but since I’m a little pressed for time at the moment, I didn’t want to skip over what’s bound to be a particularly cool show […]

Tonight (Abbreviated, Again): Giant Battle Monster + American Sharks + While You Were Gone + More

Yep, gotta make it quick yet again, I’m afraid; here’s what sounds good to me tonight: Giant Battle Monster/Blinded by Bears/Words in Windows/ Yppah/They Mean Us @ The Mink Tow The Line/American Sharks/Female Demand/Satin Hooks @ Walter’s Fitz Sunday School of Rock, featuring Garth Melvin, While You Were Gone, Tin Apples, Dying Atlantis, Broken Headlights, […]

Update/Tonight: The Phlegmatics + Tody Castillo + A Place to Bury Strangers + Show Reviews + More

sigh. Okay, so I know this is really, truly after-the-fact, shows-wise — Munchkin #1 and I ended up spending the bulk of our day at Comicpalooza, so that kinda ate into my usual last-minute posting time — but I wanted to get it up here anyway. The main reason is because I finally, finally got […]

Young Mammals & Golden Cities, Today at Cactus (+ Mini-Lost In Space Fest, Coming Up)

Haven’t gotten the full list online just yet, but I wanted to mention these two early so I didn’t blow it & leave them out… Two cool-ass shows today (Saturday, March 27th, that is) at Cactus Music, each one featuring one of my current favorite bands in town right now. Oh, and both are free, […]

This Weekend & Next Tuesday: Tragic Greeks + Cool Music, For Free

Y’know, I wish intersections like this happened more frequently; there’ve been a few collisions of the art, theater, and music worlds in town lately (like the production of Speeding Motorcycle a while back that included glam-y rockers Roky Moon & Bolt as the band and local musician Matt Brownlie in the lead role), but I […]

SXSW Overflow: Day Fourteen (P.K. 14, Agent Ribbons, MaryAnne Marino, Carsick Cars, & More)

And here we are at the end — this year’s SXSW Overflow Fest at Super Happy Fun Land is over & done, after tonight. I’m a bit disappointed by the reports I’ve heard that the turnout’s been low-low-low, honestly, but it’s hard to compete against the juggernaut that is Southby, and I’m guessing a lot […]

SXSW Overflow: Day Thirteen (The Seedy Seeds, Peasant, Bad Assets, & More) + BugGirl + Followed By Static + More

Hard to believe it, I know, but today (Tues., March 23rd) is actually the second-to-last day of the SXSW Overflow Fest, hosted for the past thirteen days by the kindly people at Super Happy Fun Land. The list is a little bit lighter than they’ve been ’til now, but from what I’ve heard of the […]

SXSW Overflow: Day Twelve (Giant Battle Monster, Junius, Lazer Zeppelin, & More)

Getting near the home stretch, folks, for the Super Happy Fun Land SXSW Overflow Fest, and tonight’s installment (today being Monday, March 22nd, btw) promises to be another pretty stellar pile of bands… (And hey, there’s a flyer for this one; ooo-kay.) Tonight’s lineup — which I think may’ve actually been somewhat in place before […]

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: News on the March (interviewed!) + Animals As Leaders + Muhammad Ali + Live Reviews + More

First up, yep, we’ve got a brand-new interview up, this time with Brent Randel, of country/folk-meets-Beach Boys popsters News on the March, who’ve just come back into town from SXSW in time for their official tour kickoff show tonight up at Mango’s. Not only are they psyched to be out on the road, but they’ve […]

Tonight: Miike Snow (Reviewed!) + Matthew Good + Bright Men of Learning + BRMC + More

More going on, so much that it’s overflowing out my head, I swear. I really should be doing productive things like, say, putting up shelving or running errands, but I don’t want to leave anybody high & dry tonight (figuratively, at least). Here’s what I think looks/sounds good: Miike Snow/Delorian @ Wired Live (formerly The […]

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Fight Pretty (last show!) + Born Liars + Pharmacy + Sleeping Rubys + More

Wow. Quite a weekend we’ve got coming up, I have to say; over the next few days, the flow of showage gets pretty epic, and I’m honestly having a hard time keeping up… Here’s my attempt at running down what I think looks cool tonight, Friday, March 19th, in-between trips to petting zoos and hardware […]

Tonight: Co-pilot + Dead To Me + Silversun Pickups + Candy Claws + Hong Kong Blood Opera + More

Okay, so maybe tonight (Thursday, March 18th) can’t quite measure up to St. Pat’s in terms of “holy crap, there’s that much going on?”-ness, but there’s still a lot to see, hear, & do this evening, trust me. Here’s what looks good to me: Caspian/Arms and Sleepers/Co-Pilot @ The Mink Haven’t had a chance to […]

SXSW Overflow: Day Eight (Candy Claws, Boy Eats Drum Machine, Finn Riggins, & More)

phew. Eight days into the SXSW Overflow Fest at Super Happy Fun Land, and there’s still plenty of bands to catch. I’ve been attempting to digest at least a little bit of each & spit out what I think (see here, here, here, & here), and frankly, I’ve been stunned at how flat-out good 90% […]

Tonight: Black Congress + Mucky Duck + Wild Moccasins + Otep + Murder the Stout + More

It’s Wednesday, March 17th, and I’m running out of time, as always, which sucks, because there’s a crapload of stuff going on tonight, most of it good. I’ll try to write up what I can, though, for those few brave souls out there who actually read this shit with any regularity… Black Congress/This Moment In […]

SXSW Overflow: Day Seven (Liz Isenberg, Vio/Mire, Holy Liars, The Zut Alors, & More)

Wednesday, March 17th today, and not only is is St. Pat’s, but it’s also Day Seven (I think; my grasp of math & counting is a little hazy, these days) of Super Happy Fun Land‘s SXSW Overflow Fest. And yes, there’re yet more interesting-sounding bands playing this evening, starting somewhere ’round 6PM. Don’t feel bitter […]

Tonight: Freelance Whales (Reviewed!) + Muhammad Ali + Torche + Omotai + Wall With One Side + More

What the hell, y’all? I mean, I know this is a week sopping wet with spillover from SXSW (and St. Paddy’s week, besides), but this is almost ridiculous — there’s a shitload of good stuff going on all damn week long, so much that I feel swamped even trying to talk about it. And yeah, […]

SXSW Overflow: Day Six (Goes Cube, The Octagon, East Of The Wall, & More)

Yep, it’s Tuesday, March 16th, another day of the SXSW Overflow Fest up at Super Happy Fun Land, and while I’ve heard varying reports on attendance — one writeup I saw said there weren’t many actual fans there, which is damned depressing, but then apparently WB39 was supposed to be coming up last night to […]

Tonight: Pomegranates + Golden Triangle + The Energy + Destroyer Of Brains + Sour Notes + More

Busy, busy Monday night, I’ve gotta say — there’s a surprising amount of stuff going on, even for a SXSW-centric time in our fair state. Get on out and support, and screw the SouthBy hype: Jookabox/ Pomegranates @ The Mink (9PM) I honestly wasn’t sure if the Pomegranates listed here was the Pomegranates (the Mink […]

SXSW Overflow: Day Five (Guystorm, Shellshag, Light Pollution, & More)

Sorry I haven’t been able to more fully run down the piles and piles of SXSW-bound bands overflowing into Super Happy Fun Land as part of their SXSW Overflow Fest this weekend — spent some much-needed time with the fam this weekend, instead, hiking around the Arboretum and then getting buried up to my head […]

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: Joe Pug + Dick Dale + H.I.S.D. + Gift Horse + Inoculist + More

Trying to get a little bit of a jump on tomorrow (Sunday, March 14th), ’cause it’s looking like a good night, and I want to make sure I don’t miss mentioning anything… Before I forget, though, I have a bit of sad news: it looks like Pierced Arrows cancelled their show at Rudz this coming […]

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Hatetank Benefit + Fat Tony + The Small Sounds + Citizen Cope + Hank III + More

More fun things going on tonight, Sat., March 13th — a lot more, in fact. Here’s the list, not of absolutely everything that’s going on, but everything that sounds at least promising to me: Benefit Show for Willow’s Father, featuring Iron Age, Bitter End, Power Trip, Pride Kills, The Weight of Respect, Golden Axe, Killer […]

Tonight/Update: Hell City Kings + Noveller + Crossing Togo + Kyle Turley (3/12) + A dream Asleep + Wreckless Eric + More

Gah. Running out of time, as usual, so I can only really hit the highlights right now, I’m afraid… There’s a bunch of new stuff up on the site, some of it kinda-sorta timely, like Thomas McLuhan‘s interview with Noveller, who’s opening tonight for Xiu Xiu, on over here, and yours truly’s review of not […]

Scene Reportage: A Mixed Bag of Stuff, Some Old(-ish), Some New

Sadly, while I get a fair amount of H-town music news-like stuff sent my way, lately I’ve been having a hard time keeping up. There was a time when I tried to post every damn bit of Houston-related news I could find up here, but these days, there’s just too much, and I’ve got too […]

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