Hatsune Miku: Live In Sapporo

Disclaimer: I spent a lot of time in high school and college watching anime. I loved it and even now, I get a little giddy thinking about Hayao Miyazaki‘s next film. So when SCR passed around a flyer…

Cyberpunk Comes to Life: Virtual Popstar Hits the “Stage,” Tomorrow Night

Okay, so I’m in a bit of a quandary. There’s a “show” (the reason for the quotes’ll be apparent in a sentence or two, here) going on tomorrow, Thurs., November 10th, over at the Marq*E Stadium 23 on I-10 (just west of 610), starting at 7PM

Pomplamoose Covers “Angry Birds”

Okay, so I’ve never-ever played Angry Birds. It’s true — apparently most of my coworkers are addicted (to the point where one recently got himself inadvertently busted playing the game during a meeting), but I’ve so far managed…

Not So Excited: Rebecca Black Won’t Be at The Galleria Tomorrow After All

I was a little torn on this one; the evil, mean-spirited side of me wanted to just leave the damn show listing up there & not say anything about it, in the snarky hope that hordes of tweens will mob The Galleria tomorrow afternoon to see Rebecca Black

New York Night Train, Tonight

Got email about an interesting thing going on this evening up at Mango’s — it’s a dance contest, of all things, with the unwieldy-yet-entertaining title “New York Night Train Soul Clap and Dance-Off,” and it sounds pretty entertaining. The organizer (and DJ for the event) is a hometown boy, Jonathan Toubin, and he’s really hoping […]

From Elsewhere: Washington Ave. Passes On + NAP Interviews Annie Lin + Kelly Clarkson on Kanye

Seen some awesomely cool written things elsewhere lately, so I feel compelled to mention ’em here, for the edification of all and because, as said, they’re awesomely cool. Houston Press: “Ghosts of Washington Avenue” Man, this one makes me want to get all weepy. The Press‘s Chris Gray had a nice tribute piece to the […]

Old People + Music Reviewing == Awesomeness

Oh, man. After stumbling across Breakfast at Sulimay’s recently, I think I just need to quit this reviewing racket; after all, there’s no way I could ever possibly top these people, reviewing-wise, so why bother? I can’t tell if Ann is serious or taking the piss with the whole thing — she likes Young Jeezy? […]

The House of Blues Fakes the Funk

In case you hadn’t noticed, venerable funk superstars Parliament swung through town back on April 30th, playing to what was reportedly a good-sized crowd over at the House of Blues. A friend of SCR (who shall remain anonymous to save ’em from any reprisals & whatnot) went and said the show itself was great, but […]

Bandcamp: COPYRIGHT, This Sunday

Yep, it’s the latest installment of the Bandcamp deal this Sunday, May 10th, over in Midtown at the Caroline Collective, and once again it’s a damn useful topic for folks in bands & labels & whatnot. They’re calling it Bandcamp: COPYRIGHT, and as the name (hopefully) suggests, the focus this time out is on copyrighting […]

Update: Maggie Nicols (2/15) + Fishbone Live (+ Shameless Plug Time!)

Got two updates for the week, although if I get my shit together, there’ll hopefully be a few more reviews going up soon… First of all, I owe a big thank-you to new writer Michelle, who tracked down Scottish free-improvisation vocalist Maggie Nicols for what turned out to be an intriguing interview (check it out […]

Galveston Mardi Gras: Still On

Here’s a bit of good news — turns out that in spite of all the damage that has yet to be fixed down on Galveston Island (some of which, I suspect, never may be), nothing stops Mardi Gras. The island may be down, but apparently some things never die, and drunken purple-and-gold-festooned revelers are among […]

Rad Rich Says, "Dress As A Wrestler!" (Tonight!)

Ah, Rad Rich — man, you amaze me. Not only is he a walking embodiment of H-town skate-punk, but he also comes up with some craaaaazy-yet-entertaining ideas. The latest? He’s planning to dress up in his wrestling gear to go see tonight’s 10PM showing of (duh) The Wrestler over at the River Oaks Theatre. And […]

Change-Up: Only Half of Yo Majesty Coming to Town (But Hey, Balls Deep!; UPDATED!)

[UPDATE: Okay, so I talked a bit w/Jacob about the “afterparty” show, and it turns out that yep, it is really an afterparty, music-wise — it’s the DJing that starts at 9PM. The actual live music-ness, with Balls Deep & Shunda K, kicks off at 11:30PM, after the “main” Yo Majesty show. Got it? Good…] […]

Written Up! (Kinda…)

Yeah, we made it into the Houston Press, albeit briefly — up-and-coming music writer Jef With One F (who also works his butt off for us when he can, I must confess) was kind enough to mention Space City Rock in his new feature on real-live paper zines. (No, I’m not quoted in the article, […]

This Is Utterly Insane.

[From last night:] I'm watching the ball drop on CNN — the wife likes Anderson Cooper AND Kathy Griffin — and it's…wow. It's freakin' nuts. Holy crap. Griffin, after throwing a rock at the Jonas Brothers, to Cooper's obvious horror: "That's how I roll, Andy!" Just…wow. Happy New Year, everybody…

Because We Love You, Part 2: Some Free Christmas-Ish Music

We’re not an MP3 blog. Nope — I’d never claim SCR to be one of those blogs that breaks/hypes new bands by posting new tracks and whatnot; it’s just not what we do, really. I mean, I’m not against posting MP3s we like by bands we like, but honestly, there just aren’t enough hours in […]

Parts & Labor: New Review + Tonight!

No time right now to run down the whole list of awesomely awesome shows going on this weekend — gotta go greet the wife’s cousins, in town from little-bitty Soderfors, Sweden — but I’ve got to mention this one… Tonight (Friday, Nov. 7th), NYC noisemakers Parts & Labor are making their third stop through Houston […]

Hank Williams, Jr.: Bard for a New (er, Old) Age?

I’ve been meaning to do a big ol’ rundown of all the cool things other media-ey people here in town have been doing lately, but I know that’s gonna take me a while, and dammit, I just can’t let this one fall through the cracks. The best thing I’ve read lately, locally or otherwise, is […]

My Dad’s Music Is Apparently Rescuing Our City, One Concert at a Time

Yes, it’s apparently true. First I hear that the only big-ish and non-local benefit for Ike survivors scheduled will be down at Moody Gardens in Galveston with Dad favorite The Beach Boys (see here for details), and now HandStamp (yep, they’re on a roll, at least with me…) is reporting that at his show here […]

Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert Truly Are the Funniest, Smartest Men Alive

Way, way, way smarter than me, anyway. Not only was I impressed that Jon Stewart was willing to go head-on with the GOP last night on The Daily Show (in front of Peggy Noonan, no less), but he and fellow news-satirist Stephen Colbert made me laugh so hard I wept while reading the joint interview […]

Metal, It’s Worth It: A Defense of Rock The Bayou

From SCR Writer Scott Whitt: In a recent blog, our erstwhile leader showed extreme displeasure with the ticket prices for the Rock The Bayou fest (August 29th-September 1st). Jeremy stated that even though he was once a longhair ne’er-do-well, the price tag out weighs the chance to relive his youth. I want to show that […]

Narcoterrorism in the Austin Scene?

Nope, it’s not here in H-town, but it’s still damn ridiculous. I’ve been a fan of Austin rockers The Boxing Lesson for a few years now, since their 2005 EP, so the news out of Austin about the band left me stunned. Apparently Boxing Lesson drummer Jake Mitchell got busted for growing pot and has […]

Is Pandora Next?

Dammit, dammit, dammit. Yes, it makes total fucking horribly perfect sense that once the Powers That Be (in this case, the Copyright Royalty Board, rather than the RIAA, but they’re all heads of the same terrible beast) took down Muxtape, they’d go after dear, sweet, kind Pandora. And yes, they are. Crap, crap, crap, with […]

Mux No More?

Ah, fuck. I knew it was too good to be true for long… Apparently the joy-sucking, soulless, we-drowned-our-inner-child-in-the-bathtub-for-$5 jerks at the RIAA have taken down the very-popular Muxtape site. Ah, yes — another well-placed strike on that dastardly segment of the music-listening population that actually likes music they can’t hear on the similarly soulless radio […]

Insect Warfare Lives On

Some more good news, even if it’s a little bit late for the band. Ramon over at the Free Press posted last week that iconic local grindcore act Insect Warfare, who called it a day earlier in the year, was finalizing a deal with grind/power violence heavyweights Earache Recs to reissue the band’s World Extermination […]

Yes, Right-Wing Whackos Now Apparently Hate Robots, Cartoons, and/or the Earth

From ThinkProgress (via life is a thrill; yo, Marshall!), yes, it seems that now pretty much anything can make right-wing nutjob demagogues quiver with outrage, including a movie about a cartoon robot. Who, um, works on cleaning up a polluted planet. And is looking for love. Did I mention this is a cartoon, and not […]

Woo, Online Wins! Suck It, Rolling Stone!

Ah, the wonderfully pungent smell of victory in the War of Online vs. Offline Reviewing-Type Publication Thingys (thanks to Paper Thin Walls/HypeBot for the link). Of course, the survey also says that it’s the opinions of friends & social-networking contacts that really do the job (response for which: duh), but screw it, I’m not gonna […]


Big, big, big “thank-yous” to my little bro for pointing out this news. Not only will The State, probably the funniest sketch-comedy troupe outside of the original SNL cast (okay, and maybe SCTV), be finally releasing their long-awaited DVD set(?), but they’ll be doing a reunion show, to boot. Holy fuck. Once I see that, […]

I Could Give a Crap About Kiss, But…

…this seems awful damn cynical, even to a non-fan like me: [Kiss manager Doc] McGhee said “I believe that Kiss can go on forever. I believe that there is a way – and we are talking to people and we’re pretty close to getting it done – about finding the four new members of Kiss.” […]

Who Wants To Be a Rap Star?

Damn. I am so on the wrong press-release lists, y’all, seeing as I missed out on this one from local hip-hop house Rap-A-Lot Records: Fresh off the heels of a #1 Rap/R&B album, Bun B and Rap-A-Lot Records are looking for the nation’s next rap superstar and have teamed with Microsoft Zune to launch the […]

New Beck Track, "Chemtrails"

Got this one courtesy of the good people at Nasty Little Man, and I find myself liking the song & wanting to hear it repeatedly, so I figured it was only just to post it to this here site. Sounds to me like “Chemtrails” is Beck finally making the full transformation from alt-rock hero into […]

Dr. Pepper, You Are SO Screwed…

I can’t believe this finally happened. I also can’t believe anybody still cares, especially enough that they’d do something dumb like this. Of course, “handed over” is not exactly “released” — who knows what the label’ll do with it now — but still. That’s what’s known as calling somebody’s bluff, y’all. Prepare to pony up, […]

Jericho & New Orleans

Fuck. I’ve been steaming about this for a couple of weeks now, but I just can’t get over it — I’m still mad as hell that Jericho got cancelled for the second damn time, this time permanently. Beyond the fact that the CBS rocket scientists, in their infinite wisdom, put the show in a weird-ass […]

Randyland No More

I don’t know what’s scarier, the fact that this happened, or the fact that I already knew some of the backstory. Sorry, Randy Parton fans and inhabitants of Roanoke Rapids, NC (hi, Brandi & Chris!), but apparently the long-awaited “companion” theme park to Dollywood, “Randyland”, ain’t gonna happen. (Or, actually, it still will, just without […]

The Latest Trend in Music Reviewing: Non-Listening?

Y’know, on the one hand the Maxim mess is pathetic and disturbing (and props to Broken Record for talking about it before anybody else I subscribe to did), but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t strike me as being mostly hysterically funny. I mean, c’mon, how much more “meta” could we possibly get? My favorite […]

Monday Afternoon Entertainment

Okay, so I really should be doing, um, actual work, but I stumbled across a couple of things today that are begging me to post about ’em, even if ever so briefly. I’m not particularly up on what movies are coming down the pipe (I tuned out of the whole Cloverfield thing once I realized […]

I Love Buffy, and Yes, I’m a Big, Big Dork

The above title is true on both counts. Not only am I a huge Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, but I am indeed also a big, big dork. Not that the one follows the other, mind you — I was a dork long before Buffy ever aired (see: AD&D, comics, Star Wars/Star Trek, fantasy/sci-fi novels, […]

Kurt Vonnegut: Gone, Gone, Gone.

Damn. This is a shame; I know Kurt Vonnegut was getting up there in years, sure, but with him gone I feel like yet another chunk of my heroes of old, people who spent their lives fighting against the outright stupidity we get force-fed every single day, has disappeared. A bit of the smart, sarcastic, […]

And Finally…

Congrats to the Dixie Chicks for the win. While I tend to think the Grammys generally mean about as much to the real musical world as the Oscars do to the real world of film, Taking the Long Way is a good album, and the Chicks deserve it. Nyah-nyah, Nashville.

A Sad Sight…

Back to the Grammys: the Chili Peppers, God love ’em, are on stage playing a song so weak and anemic it makes me wonder if Freaky Styley really only ever happened in my head. Guys, c’mon. You’ve turned into the Aerosmith of funk rock, releasing what sounds like the same song over and over again […]

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