Pomplamoose Covers “Angry Birds”

Okay, so I’ve never-ever played Angry Birds. It’s true — apparently most of my coworkers are addicted (to the point where one recently got himself inadvertently busted playing the game during a meeting), but I’ve so far managed to avoid that particular fixation. But hell, after seeing this video from quirky/twee indie-pop duo Pomplamoose, I may break down and actually do it, if only to hear the game’s theme song.

You might recognize YouTube music-makers Jack Conte (whose solo album SCR reviewed & liked last year, actually) and Nataly Dawn from a bunch of Hyundai commercials back around Christmastime, but it wasn’t ’til the “Angry Birds” theme that I found myself truly won over.

It’s goofy and silly and cheeseball, sure, but that’s partly why it’s so damn entertaining — I love the tinkly xylophone, the wild-eyed paranoia, the dueling, and most of all, yes, the bit with the bungee cord. Freaking genius. See here:

The duo’s got a ridiculous amount of other music up online for watching/hearing, btw — their cover of Earth Wind & Fire‘s September is damn cool, and I keep cracking up watching Dawn do Beyonc&eacute‘s “Single Ladies” with that deadpan, deer-in-headlights look all the way through.

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