Not So Excited: Rebecca Black Won’t Be at The Galleria Tomorrow After All

. But honestly, I like to think I’m not that big an asshole, so here’s the reality: Rebecca Black will apparently not be playing (or singing, or whatever) tomorrow here in Houston.

Yep, I’m talking about that Rebecca Black, the one (sorta-kinda) behind that song I’m not even going to mention by name, for fear that a small chunk of my soul will be eroded away. Waaaaay back in March, back before I’d even heard of the kid, I got forwarded a flyer for an ostensible “mall tour” Ms. Black would be doing, one that’d bring her to H-town’s own Galleria mall Wed., May 4th. And hey, a show’s a show, so I put it up on the shows list. I don’t judge when it comes to that (and again, I had no idea who she was).

Sadly (for some, anyway), it turns out that the flyer was a big fat hoax, and neither TicketWeb nor Ark Music Factory, the folks behind the actual video, have any listings of any mall tour thing.

Sorry, folks — I know this may well crush some poor, misguided souls out there who really, truly wanted to see the girl perform, as well as some equally misguided souls who’d hoped to go and throw eggs or bottles or something.

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