Cool Movie-Ness Tonight: Change In The Game Screens at Domy

Those Treaty Oak Collective folks are sponsoring a cool (if somewhat odd for them, generally speaking) thing tonight, Friday, June 21st, up at Domy Books on Westheimer…

The Manichean Premieres a New Video, Tonight at Brasil

Gotta hand it to those tireless folks in art-rock ensemble {The Manichean} — they really never do stop moving, do they? And in the same vein, they also know how to build a moment, putting on little mini-shows and events to amp up their adoring public for the actual big “reveal”…

KARP Documentary Screening, Tonight at Domy

Y’know, I’ll be up-front about it: back in the days of my post-college almost-youth, I wasn’t big into KARP. Didn’t hate ’em or anything, mind you, but I wasn’t a big fan; my tastes back then only sporadically ran that far to the “noisy” end of the punk spectrum…

Punk Rock Street Art: David Ensminger’s Visual Vitriol Launches Today

Argh. I meant to post about this earlier in the week, but other stuff kept getting in the way…sigh. Today (Sat., July 9th, that is) is a very cool happening, going on at a few different venues — it’s the official launch of the brand-new book by local punk hero…

Tonight: Songs for Porches + //TENSE// + Cracker + Horton Heat + More

Pretty busy night for a Wednesday (June 9th, that is), honestly, and so I’m feeling compelled to pull myself out of the muck, at least for a bit, and remember that yes, life does indeed continue after the weekend. Musically, anyway…

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