The Manichean Premieres a New Video, Tonight at Brasil

Gotta hand it to those tireless folks in art-rock ensemble The Manichean — they really never do stop moving, do they? And in the same vein, they also know how to build a moment, putting on little mini-shows and events to amp up their adoring public for the actual big “reveal.”

Tonight’s a case in point. It’s Sunday, November 11th (11/11/12, by the way, for those oddballs into freakishly-numbered dates), and the band is hosting a premiere over at Cafe Brasil from 9-10PM for a brand-new video (their first, I believe) for the song “Leopards,” which will apparently be on the forthcoming full-length LOVERS, to be released later this month.

I haven’t seen the video, unfortunately, but going by everything else these folks have done up to this point, it’s bound to be mindblowing. The Manichean doesn’t do things by half measures, y’all.

Plus, they’re having a raffle after the showing of the video, with some cool-sounding prizes, including tickets to the November 24th release show for LOVERS at Warehouse Live (which yours truly fully intends on talking about in more depth at some point soon). Head on up to the courtyard between Brasil & sister establishment Domy Books, tonight.

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