Tonight: Songs for Porches + //TENSE// + Cracker + Horton Heat + More

Pretty busy night for a Wednesday (June 9th, that is), honestly, and so I’m feeling compelled to pull myself out of the muck, at least for a bit, and remember that yes, life does indeed continue after the weekend. Musically, anyway…

Songs for Porches, featuring Wols, Golden Arrow Holy Face, & Frank Davis & Daddy Banjo @ Domy Books (1709 Westheimer, 8:30PM; free!)
This one’s that one that gets me the most, in part because I dig the concept the Wols/Golden Arrow Holy Face gang recently employed for their little “mini-tour” of Houston, going from one front porch to another & playing their delicate, quirky folk tunes at each. Very, very neat; that’s the kind of thing I freaking love to see/hear, honestly. Big-ass rock shows are fun, to be sure (as are massive festivals), but there’s something insanely special about sitting on a bare floor watching somebody play their heart out to a teeny-tiny crowd in a homey, friendly setting. And hey, this show qualifies, too — Domy is certainly a cool little place to check out a band or three, especially ones as talented as these.

I’m not real familiar with Frank Davis & Daddy Banjo, I’m afraid, but what I can dig up on the guy makes it sound like he’s a true-to-life local folk legend, and one who’s been retired for many years now, to boot. Which should make this show an extra-special treat…

//TENSE///Young Girls (ex-Factory Party)/Corners/DJ Breye 7x @ Walter’s
I’m intrigued by proto-techno/industrial folks //TENSE//, although I was never all that big on the whole WaxTrax thing; they come near to The Faint at points, which is pretty cool by me. I must confess, though, that I’m more interested to see what Young Girls, a relatively-recent spinoff of The Factory Party, sounds like — going strictly by the Myspace, they come off like a cool mashup of Brit-influenced power-pop and Springfield Riots-esque sunshiny, warm-sounding retro-’60s rock. Nice.

Reverend Horton Heat/Cracker/Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers @ Warehouse Live
Yep, yep, yep. I cannot deny that the Reverend Horton Heat is pretty damn entertaining; the one time I’ve seen ’em, they pretty much blew the doors off the Fabulous Satellite Lounge (yeah, I know that was quite a while ago; I don’t get out that often), and even though I went into with the most determined, jaded, who-gives-a-shit? attitude imaginable, I wound up having a ball. I particularly enjoyed it when Jimbo laid his upright bass down on its side while playing, then stood on it and kept right on playing like mad.

This show’s cooler still, by the way, by virtue of Cracker being on the bill — I’m damn glad David Lowery & co. are still around & still making music. “Euro-Trash Girl” makes me grin, even now.

That’s it for now; get on out tonight…

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