Cool Movie-Ness Tonight: Change In The Game Screens at Domy

945061_500368113351744_476981292_nThose Treaty Oak Collective folks are sponsoring a cool (if somewhat odd for them, generally speaking) thing tonight, Friday, June 21st, up at Domy Books on Westheimer.

Along with The Bigg Foundation, they’re hosting a screening of indie short film Change In The Game: Underexposed Indie Hip-Hop in Atlanta, which is focused partly on, well, hip-hop in Atlanta, but also on the history and evolution of hip-hop as a whole, as a form of music and as something that’s pulled people together from all walks of life.

As a fan of hip-hop myself, I’m pretty intrigued, especially watching from the sidelines the past couple of decades as the whole genre’s shifted into something I would’ve barely recognized back in high school — not that that something is bad, mind you, but that it’s different. The hip-hop of 2013 is a far, far different beast from the hip-hop of, say, 1986, and it’s interesting to look backwards across that time.

Check out an interview with director Will Feagins, right here:

The movie starts at 7:30PM, and there’ll be food & drinks at the screening courtesy of Domy sister establishment Brasil. There’s also a cool-sounding afterparty, to boot, over at Walter’s, where Phene, YaNi, and Yamin, all of whom are part of today’s scene over in Atlanta, will be performing. $10 gets you into the screening and the afterparty, and the proceeds go to the Bigg Foundation, which is a local group committed to fighting against obesity.

Good film, good music, and a good cause; this wins on all counts.

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