Cool Movie-Ness Tonight: Change In The Game Screens at Domy

Those Treaty Oak Collective folks are sponsoring a cool (if somewhat odd for them, generally speaking) thing tonight, Friday, June 21st, up at Domy Books on Westheimer…

The Manichean Premieres a New Video, Tonight at Brasil

Gotta hand it to those tireless folks in art-rock ensemble {The Manichean} — they really never do stop moving, do they? And in the same vein, they also know how to build a moment, putting on little mini-shows and events to amp up their adoring public for the actual big “reveal”…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Linus Pauling Quartet (Rev’d!) + El-P + Arthur Yoria + Beat Connection + More

Aaaargh. How does this happen? I always, always plan to get this shit posted earlier, and yet, without fail, things conspire to stop that from happening. sigh. Sorry about the slowness, y’all, but there’s still some really great stuff going on tonight, Friday, June 22nd. Here goes…


Primarily a coffeehouse (and a fairly decent one, at that, if you can handle the arty crowd), but there’s also jazz there Tues.-Thurs., and Houston’s own DJ Sun kicks the phat vinyl on Mondays…

H-Town Mixtape

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