The Manichean Performs LOVERS Again on The Big Stage (at The Alley)

941535_10200771237015848_1201503964_nKeen-eyed observers of things musical (and artsy) in our fair city may remember around this time last year when ultra-cool, ultra-dramatic rockers The Manichean debuted their then-new album, LOVERS in an unusual setting, but one that’s pretty damn perfect for the band: The Alley Theatre.

I missed it, sadly, but SCR‘s Jason Smith was there, and after reading his account of the show, I was even more bummed; it truly sounds like it was something pretty spectacular.

Happily for me (and a whole lot of other people), the band’s decided to do it a second time. This coming Friday, June 28th, The Manichean will once again take the stage at The Alley to perform LOVERS — or, rather, a theatrical adaptation of the music on the album, assuming it’s like what they did last June. Whatever happens, it promises to be intense, lush, impassioned, artistic, and damn-near brilliant, and you should really, truly be there to see it. Hell, this year I definitely will be.

The tickets start at $15 for general admission, and there’re “VIP” levels, as well, that include fun stuff like copies of the LOVERS CD, limited-edition posters, and admission to the after-party; head on over here to get yours.

And hey, if you’re still not sold, check out “Between Orchids & Collar Bones,” an awesome little video the band put together out of footage from last year’s performance:

Yeah, you don’t want to miss this one.

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