The Manichean Performs LOVERS Again on The Big Stage (at The Alley)

Keen-eyed observers of things musical (and artsy) in our fair city may remember around this time last year when ultra-cool, ultra-dramatic rockers {The Manichean} debuted their then-new album, LOVERS in an unusual setting…

Live: The Manichean share their vision with a triumphant performance of their new album LOVERS

With three EPs under their collective belts, The Manichean boys — Cory Sinclair, Justice Tirapelli-Jamail, and their capable entourage of musicians — are not the young upstarts that I met three years ago…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: The Manichean at The Alley + Free Radicals + The Tyburn Jig + Sheer Terror + More

It’s Saturday, June 16th, and unfortunately, the little guy decided not to take a nice, long nap this afternoon, so I’ve got to keep this one a little on the brief side, too. I didn’t want to miss out on tonight’s shows, though, because there’s some awesome stuff going on. Here we go…

The Manichean Take Lovers to the (Big, Drama-Type) Stage, This June

Got an email from the folks in {The Manichean} late last week, about a very cool show they’ve got coming up. In an astoundingly appropriate twist, the band, who tend to meld their music-making with a very sincere, intense kind of stagecraft and poetic drama…

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