Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: the last place you look + Knights of the Fire Kingdom + Vinal Edge Opening + Babelfishh + More

20120707-113659.jpgIt’s Saturday now, July 7th, and there’s nearly as much cool, cool stuff going on today as there was yesterday. Here goes:

Nava’s Beardy B-Day Bash, featuring the last place you look, Nothingmore, & Recovery Room @ Warehouse Live (Studio)
Ah, yeah. I swear, those guys in the last place you look are flat-out great, despite the naysayers. They play heavy-yet-melodic guitar rock, sure, just like a lot of other bands out there, but they pull it off awesomely well. They really, truly deserve all the recognition they can get…

Winter Wallace/Knights of the Fire Kingdom/Frants @ Fitzgerald’s
Damn, damn, damn. I’d really hoped to be able to check out Knights of the Fire Kingdom, the new offshoot of Roky Moon & BOLT!, but I’ll be building a shed down in Surfside with my father-in-law. sigh.

Hopefully the Knights will be playing plenty of shows later on, too, because I’m really loving their raw, in-your-face rock. Check out their song over there in the Mixtape, and if you don’t agree, well, we can’t be friends.

I really like Winter Wallace, too, with her gentle, husky-voiced pop, and I’ve wanted to see Frants for a while now, as well, the latest project of the ever-cool Gretchen Schmaltz.

Vinal Edge Grand Opening, featuring Hamamatsu Tom & The Kroger Sushi River Band @ Vinal Edge (new location, 239 West 19th Street; 7:30PM)
Creg already mentioned this one last night, but it’s worth mentioning again; I’ve heard great things about Hamamatsu Tom‘s various projects, and I’m dying to see the new Vinal Edge, too.

MC Homeless/J E double F/Greenlander/Babelfishh @ East Side Social Center (4202 Canal)
Glad, glad, glad to see {Babelfishh} doing shows again; the guy’s honestly one of the strangest, coolest rappers in H-town, and nobody even knows.

Plus, the East Side Social Center sounds very cool, with all the social justice events & shows & whatnot, although I am bummed that Vinyl Junkie — which used to be in that space — had to close down it’s storefront.

Satellite Brigade/Embrace the Embers/Harts of Oak/Neptunes Explode/The Big Reveal @ The Mink
Bad Luck Irish/Elect Trick City/A Sundae Drive/Arthur Yoria/Jacob Trevino @ Dean’s Credit Clothing
Southern Backtones @ Time Out #1 (10928 Fuqua)
Mammoth Grinder/War Master/Turbokrieg/Wasted Saviour/Ass @ Walter’s (1120 Naylor)
Blaggards/Brad Boyer & Country Store Buffalo/The Clarkes @ The Continental Club
Neptunes Explode/A Spanish Disposition/Smalldog Syndrome/Broken Dreamboat @ Mango’s
Rock Party Circus, featuring Artificial, The Apostles, ERASEtheVIRUS, Brompton, Mind Set Ultra, Corporate, & Downfall 2012 @ House of Blues

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