Messy Sparkles, Feeling Good Forever

Messy Sparkles, Feeling Good Forever

I’ve been listening to a whole heck of a lot more techno music lately, and it definitely hasn’t been on purpose. I keep getting these bands that have songs with those modern disco beats in the background, but yet they sound like an indie-rock band otherwise. It reminds me most of how I once heard “Somebody Told Me” (or maybe it was “Mr. Brightside”) on the radio, and it had been remixed to the dance club version.

That seems to be the type of band I keep hearing — and not liking — only they’re not remixed; it’s just simply their sound. I’m sure it has some nifty name, but I like to call it techno-indie-pop because that seems to be the easiest way to describe it for me.

Far too many bands in this modern age of music try too hard to make a sound that is seemingly new. Do you know why new musical sounds haven’t really caught on? It’s because most of all the good sounds have already been taken. So by making an album that sounds like The Doors, sure, you can be blasted by critics for being a ripoff of the late, great band, but you also might just find your own style in the process and win some longevity with music critics and fans alike.

All that being said, Messy Sparkles’ Feeling Good Forever is the first piece of music that I’ve heard and would describe as techno-indie-pop that not only did I not entirely hate but in fact ended up really liking.

The first two songs have some very odd qualities to them, but the deeper you get into this album, the better the songs get. There are these random noises thrown into some of the songs (which would fall on the techno side of things) that don’t really appeal to me, but if you can get past the few parts where that happens, you’re in for a real treat.

In some ways, I feel like Messy Sparkles just kind of did that to stand out and not be your typical indie-pop band. It’s like they wanted to added in some sort of art-band quality, but had they just left it alone and stuck to songs like “Kids In Tall Trees,” then this album would be even better.

Aside from the first two awkward tracks, Feeling Good Forever provides you with all of the comfort of a band such as Foster the People but without being as obnoxiously catchy. It’s really a fine selection of music that I simply cannot stop playing.

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