Vinal Edge Grand Opening Event: Hamamatsu Tom In-Store Performance

Just to follow up on the other week’s blog post about Vinal Edge Records moving from the Far North into the Heights, I wanted to mention that they’re having their official Grand Opening this Saturday, July 7th, at the new shop on West 19th Street.

We stopped in last Sunday afternoon during their unofficial soft opening, and the store is great. They’ve got a lot more space and it’s filled with great vinyl and CDs.

As promised, they are having IN-STORE SHOWS! The best part of this is that Chuck Roast will (likely) be choosing the bands, and he has impeccable/unusual taste. I’ve been accepting his recommendations on bands for 23 years now, and he’s always into something awesome.

So the in-stores start tomorrow/Saturday, July 7th with a special performance by Hamamatsu Tom & The Kroger Sushi River Band, featuring Tom from The Energy + a revolving cast of local freaks and weirdos. The band plays @ 7:30PM. Check out a sample here:

And check out the poster. I really hope they start printing these so I can collect them and spend the rest of my life renting a climate-controlled storage unit to keep them in. You know, so that my children can throw them all away when I die…

Vinal Edge Records
239 West 19th Street
(281) 537-2575

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