RSD 2014: Record Store Day Is Upon Us

If you follow anything relating to local music stores, you’re probably already well aware, but if you don’t and you’re not: tomorrow (Saturday, April 19th) is Record Store Day. It’s grown from its somewhat humble beginnings…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Adam Bricks (rev’d!) + Bang Bangz + Black Flag Tattoo Party + Space City Beat Battle + Woodlands Waterway Arts Fest + More

Moving into Saturday, April 13th, now, and there’s still a crapload of excellent things going on. Quite a few are early in the day, for some reason, so I’m trying to get this in somewhat early, at least…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Matt and Kim + Oberhofer + Burned Out 3 + SoundMass + Krewella (Video!) + More

Oh, yes. Into the weekend now, starting with tonight, Friday, October 19th, and there’s a truly impressive pile of things going on, all at the same time. Here goes…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: the last place you look + Knights of the Fire Kingdom + Vinal Edge Opening + Babelfishh + More

It’s Saturday now, July 7th, and there’s nearly as much cool, cool stuff going on today as there was yesterday. Here goes: Nava’s Beardy B-Day Bash, featuring the last place you look, Nothingmore, & Recovery Room @ Warehouse Live (Studio) Ah, yeah. I swear, those guys in the last place you look are flat-out great, […]

Vinal Edge Grand Opening Event: Hamamatsu Tom In-Store Performance

Just to follow up on the other week’s blog post about Vinal Edge Records moving from the Far North into the Heights

Vinal Edge Is Moving to The Heights — and SCR Has the First Look at the New Location

Just the other day, SCR got a tour of the new Vinal Edge location on 19th Street in the Heights. It’s located on the same block as the old Harolds In The Heights, right next to…

Reminder Time: Latch Key Kids, This Weekend (And a New Video)

Just wanted to take a moment to point folks towards this weekend once again and remind all & sundry that this coming Saturday, January 14th, up at Fitzgerald’s, is the official-shmofficial release party/show

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