Say Hello to Treaty Oak Collective & The Convoy Group

While frantically typing about shows this past Saturday, it occurred to me that now might be a good time to mention the “new” booking/label/etc. crew in town, the Treaty Oak Collective, considering that they’d booked three of the shows on the list (LP4, Eli/Rivers, & Brent Nettles/Sergio Trevino).

I dunno all the details yet, but the TTOC folks call themselves a “micro-label” that focuses on limited-run records and booking shows right here in H-town, and I know at least one of the people behind the mask is a familiar face, Brandon Lemons, Co-Pilot bassist and former booking guy at The Mink prior to the sale of the venue last year. TTOC is him taking the booking on the road, so to speak, and setting up shows at different venues around town rather than tying himself down to one or another. He’s hit the ground running with the TTOC, definitely, already setting up a dozen or so shows.

Then there’s the label side of things — so far the TTOC have one release coming down the pipe, a badass-looking split-7″ with Brandon’s band, the aforementioned Co-Pilot, whom I love beyond words, and Ottawa band ALASKAN, who sound pretty dang good themselves. The release is due out in late Feb. and will be limited to a mere 500 copies (250 of which will be on colored vinyl), so keep an eye out.

And while we’re on the subject… I’ve been sorely, sorely remiss in mentioning another relatively-new “infrastructure”-type outfit, The Convoy Group, which is the brainchild (I think, anyway; apologies if it’s not the case) of photog/scenester Mark C. Austin.

The Convoy Group bill themselves as an “artist management and promotions”-type deal, which is very cool; I know I’ve ranted at length before about how Houston needs more avenues by which bands can get visibility, both within the city and without, and the Convoy folks seem to be very much on that track. They’re still working on a full Website, so check out the Facebook page or Twitter feed for info on what they’re up to.

Their main client so far appears to be The Tontons, and hey, I’m good with that — I’d dearly, dearly love to see that band break out somewhat and get more exposure/airplay/whatever in the music world at large. They also recently promoted a show with Austinites Quiet Company and locals Finnegan, The Literary Greats, & Poor Pilate, although I’m not sure if any of those are actual clients or if they just thought the show sounded cool (and yes, the latter is definitely true).

At any rate, I’m happy to see these folks pop up; a virtual high-five over your way, TTOC/Convoy crews. Here’s hoping for a bright & long-lived future…

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