Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: The Lotus Effect @ Warehouse Live

Sunday coming up (January 22nd, to be exact), and no offense to anybody else who’s playing, but there’s only one show I’m really psyched about. I honestly wasn’t sure this one was going to happen; the Warehouse Live site’s only been listing it as “Afton Live,” since it was booked by the Afton people.

Even now, I’m still not sure who all’s playing — the Afton site says apostrophe s and Altar Deception are also on the bill — but eh, I’m good with whoever so long as cool dudes The Lotus Effect are still on there. They’re good people, and beyond that, they’re a damn good band. Their 2010 EP, Rabbits & Royalty, was pretty promising (esp. “Fireflies”), and I’m told they’ve been hard at work on a brand-new full-length, which’ll hopefully be released real soon.

Frontman Dre‘s promised that the band’s been working on their stage show, to boot, so cross your fingers that tomorrow’s (er, tonight’s) show has some of that, as well. Get on up to Downtown & check it out.

(And hey, if you buy your ticket in advance right here, you have a shot at getting a free limited-edition poster; special free things are always good, right?)

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