Tomorrow: Co-Pilot Kicks Off Tour with Alaskan

Alright, so I should’ve mentioned this days & days ago, but dammit, things keep piling up, higher & higher. sigh. I didn’t want to let this slip by, though, because it’s very freaking cool…

Alaskan/Co-Pilot, “Euthanize”/”The Bering Sea”

The last time I listened to a nine-minute song, someone had left their Tool CD in my car by mistake. I take my music in delectable bite-sized chunks, and if I so happen to want to hear them in a long-form format, I press “Repeat.” Taking that into consideration, I was directed to the first official release…

Say Hello to Treaty Oak Collective & The Convoy Group

While frantically typing about shows this past Saturday, it occurred to me that now might be a good time to mention the “new” booking/label/etc. crew in town, the Treaty Oak Collective, considering that they’d booked three of the shows…

H-Town Mixtape

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