Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Rocktoberfest + Tontons + Colour Revolt + Ume + Roky Erickson + More

Saturday, October 1, as of a half-hour or so ago, and there’s plenty of good stuff going on, for sure. Before I get into that, though, there’ve been a small slew of changes and cancellations to the schedule, in case folks worry about that sort of thing…

First, for the Guitar World readers out there (um, assuming that mag still exists; I can’t be bothered to go Google it right now, sorry, so work with me, here), I’m afraid the Nov. 5th “3 Guitar Heroes” show at the House of Blues, which was supposed to feature Leslie West, Michael Schenker(!), and Uli Jon Roth, has been cancelled. No word on why, I’m afraid.

Continuing the bad trend for metal, Stephen Pearcy of Ratt was going to be at Stereo Live, of all places, on Nov. 12th, but now the SL site has the show listed not as being cancelled, but as “postponed.” No idea when it’s postponed to, mind you.

Then there’s the ongoing Mink/Mango’s switcheroo, still in full force. To the credit of the new Mink owners, btw, their schedule looks pretty darn good, even given the shifting of a lot of the previously-scheduled shows over to Mango’s. Glad to see they’re keeping up the live music and not going with all DJ nights or something…

Anyway, the Oct. 19th show with Sound & Shape & The Julys that’d been on the Mink’s calendar is now over at Mango’s, apparently, as is the Nov. 5th show with Davila 666 (which I’m very glad didn’t slip through the cracks).

Then, for added confusing fun, there’s the Oct. 21st show with The Pons, Boats, and The Tyburn Jig — the latter will be playing at night at The Mink, while the other two bands are over at Mango’s, instead. Gah. My brain hurts.

So…on to tomorrow (er, tonight?). There’s a lot to be psyched about, like the Rocktoberfest benefit going on downtown at Jones Plaza from 6-11PM; it’s a benefit for a group called Fanatical Change which helps victims of “life-altering tragedy” in their time of need. I think the group’s name’s a bit goofy, I’ll admit it, but still, it’s a damn cool idea.

The bands playing definitely help, too — they’ve got Alkari & Electric Attitude, both of whom I like quite a bit, plus a band I’ve never heard of called Lords of Cool and Sheila Swift. Plus, there’s an auction with a crapton of cool things to be bid on, up to and including an autographed Rolling Stones guitar and tickets-plus-airfare to the Grammys. (If you’re into that, obviously.)

A bit earlier in the day, of course, there’s the EP release show at Cactus for The Tontons, whom I freaking love — they really, honestly are one of the best bands in town, not to mention one of the most unique. If you haven’t already bought a copy of the EP and gotten your wristband (or won one from us), though, you’re sadly out of luck.

Up at Fitzgerald’s, there’s a cool-sounding show, with two “colour” bands (ooh, British spelling!), Colour Revolt and Colourmusic — I’ve enjoyed what I’ve heard of both so far, but that hasn’t been that much — and local psych-popsters Featherface, who are massively great themselves.

I can’t leave out psych-rock icon Roky Erickson returning to H-town and The Continental Club, this time playing with Los Skarnales spinoff The Umbrella Man. Should be very, very cool…

And if you’re willing to make a bit of a drive, I’d highly recommend heading on down south to The Scout Bar down in Clear Lake to catch Houston/Austin band Ume when they open for Middle Class Rut. The trio(?) released new album Phantoms at the end of August, and it’s damn cool, all tightly-wound, spiraling guitar lines and epic-yet-gorgeous atmospheric rock. Worth the cost of gas, seriously.

Here’s the full list, folks:

Roky Erickson/The Umbrella Man @ The Continental Club
The Tontons (EP release) @ Cactus Music (5:30PM; wristband only!)
Rocktoberfest: Bands, Beers, & Beneficiaries, featuring Lords of Cool, Alkari, Electric Attitude, & Sheila Swift @ Jones Plaza (6-11PM)
Colour Revolt/Colourmusic/Featherface @ Fitzgerald’s
Middle Class Rut/Ume/Light Brite @ The Scout Bar (Clear Lake)
Letters To Voltron/Taunto/Haksaw Man @ Rudyard’s
Memorial for Billy Carr, featuring Blaggards @ Molly’s Pub (Kingwood)
The Script/Hot Chelle Rae @ House of Blues
Praia Urbana, featuring Lee Burridge, Mark Ivan, Jason Curtis, LV, Bobby Blyss, Alex Clavijo, Allen Tagle, Esteban Torres, Skeezer, DK Pollo, Luis DA, Mano Grillo, Chi Chi, & Andre Killian @ Last Concert Cafe
Rigor Mortis/Carry The Storm/Critical Assembly/Decimation Theory/Mechanisms of a False Reality @ Acadia Bar (3939 FM 1960 West)

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