Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: Meat Puppets + Murs + Rivers + More

Yep, it’s Sunday, October 2nd, today, Day #3 of the weekend, and while it’s definitely quieter than the rest of the weekend, there’s still a pair of cool-sounding shows happening, both at (naturally, for a twofer like this) Fitzgerald’s. So as I sit here watching the midget get her ice-skating lesson in the midst of our neverending Houston summer, I figured I’d mention ’em here…

I’m not really biased towards one or the other of ’em, honestly, so in non-preferential order, first there’s the much-anticipated Meat Puppets show on one floor of Fitz; I can’t claim to’ve been a huge Puppets fan back in the day, but looking backwards I find I appreciate ’em a whole lot more now than I ever did then. Little did I know how big a musical wasteland the ’00s would bring, at least in terms of radio-played “alternative” music. These days the band’s desert sun-fried, country-tinged (yet still raw & loud) sound comes off as pretty damn refreshing.

It helps, too, that they’ve got cool-ass local boys Rivers opening for ’em — kinda fitting, really, considering that the latter clearly worship heavily at the altar of the Great and Powerful Grunge Lords of Old, a scene the Puppets were at least tangentially a part of…

Then there’s the other floor of Fitz, where rapper Murs is playing — along with Ski Beatz, about whom I’ve heard good things. I haven’t heard a lot Murs has done recently, but I’ve liked his stuff with both the Def Jux and Rhymesayers crews in the past. Should be a good one.

Here’s the not-so-big list:

Murs/Tabi Bonney/Ski Beatz/McKenzie Eddy/Sean O’Connor/Da$h @ Fitzgerald’s
Meat Puppets/duneTX/Beans/Rivers @ Fitzgerald’s

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