Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Rocktoberfest + Tontons + Colour Revolt + Ume + Roky Erickson + More

Saturday, October 1, as of a half-hour or so ago, and there’s plenty of good stuff going on, for sure. Before I get into that, though, there’ve been a small slew of changes and cancellations to the schedule…

Potentially Yours: Tickets to See Taking Back Sunday

Hey, all — got a cool little giveaway deal to let everybody know about; SCR has been handed two pairs of tickets to the upcoming Taking Back Sunday show here in H-town…

Colour Revolt, The Cradle

This review isn’t so much about Colour Revolt insomuch as it’s about how much I dislike indie music. Listen, don’t get all defensive if you find indie music the second coming; all it means is that I have different tastes than you…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Ghoulsfest + Ka-Power!Ween + The Eastern Sea + Colour Revolt + The Tyburn Jig + Co-Pilot + More

Holy crap, there are a lot of things going on today (Saturday, October 30th). So many, in fact, that it almost feels like there’s no way I can even begin to write about ’em. Damn… And yet, I have to try; here goes…

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