The Progressive Collective Hits Warehouse Live, This Saturday

Quite a bit coming for our cold-ass weekend, but I wanted to point a quick finger at one thing in particular before I forget and/or let things slide to the absolute last second.

In case you hadn’t heard of ’em already, there’s a new-ish, loosely-affiliated grouping of bands floating around town calling itself The Progressive Collective; well, okay, I think it’s a band-coalition-type thing, anyway, having seen the name on a comp from a showcase back in August at Fitz

Anyway, it’s also an actual festival, coming up this Saturday, February 5th, over at Warehouse Live, and it features a ton of cool bands, both from here & elsewhere. There’s moody alternarockers The Lotus Effect, whom I like quite a bit (esp. “Fireflies”), twitchy, frantic, funk-edged rock dudes Peekaboo Theory, who are also pretty great, and more out-and-out Latino-prog-pop guys Tax The Wolf, who I seriously need to write about in more detail one of these damn days.

There’re also folks playing that I’m not as familiar with, namely Austin weirdo-popsters Opposite Day, Denton prog-metallers Shaolin Death Squad (who, surprisingly, are better than their goofy, Slipknot-esque getups would suggest), soul-tinged locals Ellypseas, and self-described prog-rock trio MacAdams.

The happy surprise of the bunch, though, is Sunrise and Ammunition, a gang of youngsters who play prog-influenced (see the common thread, here?) rock/metal with interestingly post-emo harmony vocals; I’d never really gotten a chance to listen to these guys ’til now, but I have to say, they sound pretty damn promising, especially if you’re into the noodly, prog-y rock thing. “Albedo,” in particular, sounds oddly like early Radiohead at points — worth keeping an eye on…

As an added bonus, by the way, the whole thing’s being hosted by the infamous Jef With One F, formerly of this here Website & currently of the Houston Press (and whose book, The Bible Spelled Backwards Does Not Change the Fact That You Cannot Kill David Arquette, still cracks me up after multiple readings). He’s an entertaining guy, seriously; expect some weird, Rocky Horror-esque showmanship.

So, that’s the deal — brave the cold & get on out of the house, slackers. It’s $12 for the whole deal, and the doors open at 5PM, so get over there early…

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  1. Richard on February 4th, 2011 at 8:55 pm

    Sounds like a killer show! Im not missing this!

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