The Progressive Collective Hits Warehouse Live, This Saturday

Quite a bit coming for our cold-ass weekend, but I wanted to point a quick finger at one thing in particular before I forget and/or let things slide to the absolute last second. In case you hadn’t heard of ’em already, there’s a new-ish, loosely-affiliated grouping of bands…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Lower Dens (MP3) + Paz Arts + Dr. Dog (Reviewed!) + Art Institute + The Queers + More

Holy crap. There are an insane number of cool-sounding shows going on tomorrow, Saturday, November 13th — I mean, seriously, a shitload of good shows, so many I’m pretty sure I’m missing some. Here goes…

Saving KTRU III: Free Radicals Throw It Down for Rice Radio

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Nick Cooper of longstanding funk/jazz/pop/world/etc. outfit {Free Radicals} is a big, big fan of {KTRU}, the beleaguered, possibly-to-be-sold Rice University radio station…

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