Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: Sick Of It All + Will to Live + Lisa Cameron + Sandy Ewen + The Wrong Ones + More

Yeah, I’ll admit it — Sunday, January 30th is looking pretty damn quiet, at least relative to the rest of the weekend. Even still, though, there’re a handful of things I happen to think are worth checking out. Here goes:

Sick Of It All/Bitter End/Outbreak/Alpha & Omega/Will to Live @ Walter’s
Ah, yes — what better way to wind up the weekend but with a night of all-out, full-on hardcore/metalcore? It’s hard to top NYC hardcore heroes Sick Of It All, honestly; heavy, raw, pummeling, and pretty damn influential to pretty much every heavy-ass band out there right now (whether they know it or not). Hell, for my money Lou Koller laid the blueprint for all metalcore shouting dudes everywhere.

Beyond that, there’re some darn good other bands in the lineup, especially local boys Will to Live, who I’ve always meant to see live but never got around to. I’ve heard nothing but good things, however; they’re a little more straight-up hardcore than SOIA, at least to my ears, so there’ll at least be a little variety going on over at Walter’s tomorrow night, eh?

Binarium Sound Series, featuring Alberto Sosa/Chad Maydwell & Lisa Cameron/Sandy Ewen @ The Mekong Underground (8-10PM)
Latest installment of the Binarium Sound Series going on, for the people into more mind-bending, less fist-swinging sounds…

I dunno much about the Alberto Sosa or Chad Maydwell, but I’ve at least heard of Lisa Cameron before, in her Venison Whirled incarnation; she’s fairly well-known, I believe, in both the Austin experimental-music scene and the national one. Not sure what she’ll be playing this time out, but with Venison Whirled there’s apparently a lap steel and a magnet (wha?) involved, so take that for what it’s worth.

She’s playing tomorrow with former Austin-dweller Sandy Ewen, whose guitar manipulation I’ve been impressed by in the past, both with The Weird Weeds and elsewhere.

Fishnet Stalkers/Flash Boys/Wrong Ones/bator @ Rudyard’s
If you’re not down with the mosh pit or the experimental stuff, well, Rudyard’s is your best bet for Sunday, I’d say. They’ve got a full slate worth of sleazy, glam-y, leather-clad streetpunks, including Baltimoreans Fishnet Stalkers & Austinites Flash Boys.

My favorites of the night, though, are H-town’s own garage-punks The Wrong Ones — I’ve liked pretty much everything I’ve heard from these guys so far, all fire and spit and raw-edged guitars, none of which is ever a bad thing. I really need to hear ’em live & in-person sometime soon.

That’s all I’ve got for now; have a good one…

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