Lance Graduates From, Um, Houston: Lance’s Senior Recital, Tonight

Well, while it definitely makes me sad to see him go, it’s cool that he’s doing it in typically unique style… Tonight, Sat., July 17th, right before drummer/electronicist/Latin teacher/show organizer/all-round good guy Lance Higdon skips town for, um, maybe-fairer climes of Atlanta, he’s having what he’s calling his “Senior Recital,” where he’ll be playing in all of his current musical projects. (And no, that doesn’t even cover all the stuff he’s done in the past.)

Here’s the most recent list I’ve seen, which I think is in chronological show-order from who plays first to who plays last:

  • Whatabreaker (Jawbreaker cover band)
  • Lance and the Pants (drums/bass/guitar/guitar free improv skronk rock).
  • Higdon/Pearson Duo (totally manic improvised electric piano/drums duo).
  • Holy Ghost Machine Gun (beats & blips & a bit of bass)
  • Wall With One Side (Maximalist Powerdrone)
  • Golden Cities (twinkly, heavy shoegaze)
  • Tambersauro (the venerable math-rock + whatever institution–special sneak preview for the show the following week)!

(Oh, and newish thing Oltre La Morte, Lance’s project with local noise legend Richard Ramirez, may be playing again, too…)

As you can guess, by the way, Lance apparently doesn’t sleep — all of the above is in addition to actual paying-the-bills day jobs and his Resonant Interval Sound Series deal.

Now, I can’t claim to be a huge fan of ultra-noisy/experimental stuff in general, but hell, the guy seems to make great, intriguing music no matter what genre he’s aiming for — and late-playing bands Golden Cities and Tambersauro are both particularly badass. Which kind of sucks, because there’s a good chance the former won’t be playing here again, and the latter’s got their own last-ever(?) show on Sat., July 24th.

My slacker ass couldn’t get it together in time to interview Lance before this thing hit, unfortunately, but I’d highly recommend checking out a cool interview by Ramon Medina of {} and another pair of ’em (here and here) with Marc Brubaker of {Houstonist}. Y’all make me jealous, seriously.

Anyway…trust me, this show’s gonna be good. It’s at The Exoskeleton, otherwise known as an empty retail space next to Khon’s in the Mekong Shopping Center at 2808 Milam. And as the flyer over there says, it is free, but I’d strongly encourage any & all to donate to the Lance Higdon Moving Fund — moving all your shit ain’t cheap, and I don’t think there’s a Latin teacher alive today who makes a decent wage.

Speaking of which, I so wish I could be in the room when the kids at the guy’s new school meet their Latin teacher for the first time. They have no idea what they’re in for…

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