Tomorrow: Readings from E. G. Bandera-Duplantier’s Bayou Flesh at Khon’s Bar

Fans of {The Manichean} — or of literary-type things in general — might want to head over to Khon’s Bar (2808 Milam), because Cory Sinclair & Justice Tirapelli-Jamail will both be reading selections…

New Tyagaraja Track Up + India Tour Fundraiser

Call me a cynic if you want, but all the spiritual stuff surrounding {Tyagaraja}‘s work — whether solo or with his previous band, Million Year Dance — has always made me twitch, just a little. I know, I know; I just can’t help it…

Zine Fest Houston 2011, This Saturday

We recently re-did the back room of our house, ripping up the ancient, ancient carpet and slapping down fake wood flooring, and in the process of doing that, I basically had to disassemble and reassemble our entire home office. Which was no mean feat…

Yr. (Late) Weekend, Pt. 3?: Benefit For Japan + Spring Howl + Binarium + Kevin Seconds + Rudz MS150 Benefit + More

Sorry, sorry, sorry, y’all — spent Friday night & Saturday celebrating being married for a decade and attempting some half-assed home improvements (which ended up being a letdown, really; after putting Atom & His Package’s “I’m Downright Amazed (At What I Can Destroy With Just A Hammer)”…

Khon’s Bar

2808 Milam St. Houston, TX. 77006 (713) 523-7775 “khonsbar” at “hotmail dot com”

The Other Night: Lanceapalooza, All Night Long at The Exoskeleton

Editorial-ish Note: In spite of actually going to a fair number of shows this past spring & summer, I’ve been really, really bad about doing those little writeup thingies in this here blog. I’ve had grand dreams of writing up every damn show I’ve seen…

Lance Graduates From, Um, Houston: Lance’s Senior Recital, Tonight

Well, while it definitely makes me sad to see him go, it’s cool that he’s doing it in typically unique style… Tonight, Sat., July 17th, right before drummer/electronicist/Latin teacher/show organizer/all-round good guy Lance Higdon skips town for, um, maybe-fairer climes of Atlanta

Memorial Day Rock @ Khon’s: Fugitive Kind + Muhammad Ali + The Wiggins

Memorial Day, tomorrow (Mon., May 31st, obviously), and despite the distinct possibility of being overwhelmed by the barbecueing and swimming and picnicking and family and remembering and all, don’t fret…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: Screwed Anthologies + Gray Tapes (MP3!) + B L A C K I E

On to Part III of the weekend’s festivities… Sadly, Sunday, May 30th only boasts one show that really does much for me, and that’s the latest installment of the Resonant Interval Sound Series at Khon’s Bar

Lost In Space Returns, Tomorrow Night

Meant to talk about this in detail long before now, but other stuff’s been pressing down on me (some of which you’ll hopefully be able to see the fruits of very soon), and it’s kind of slipped down the pile — sorry ’bout that, y’all. My lame slowness is made worse by the fact that […]

Last-Minute Show + Some Bad News: Resonant Interval, Right Now

Argh. Spent the day mostly blissfully disconnected from all things Internet-like, so I’m only seeing this now… Turns out that there’s a surprise Resonant Interval Sound Series show tonight up at the group’s new space, which is yet another currently-unused retail area in the Mekong Center building (2808 Milam). They’re calling it “The Exoskeleton,” which […]

Live: Wall With One Side/Trills

Around this time last year, I walked into the wrong yoga studio and intruded on a New Age music event. In my tardiness, I brashly opened the door to a contrasting space of people laying on colorful yoga mats…

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