Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Tambersauro Bows Out + Bettye LaVette + Clouseaux + Animals As Leaders + Tone Loc in San Leon + More

Late, I know — spent the day bouncing between chaperoning Midget #1 at a birthday party and frantically packing suitcases & such… Just FYI, yours truly will be out of town for a week or two after tomorrow, so the site’ll most likely get a little quieter than usual…

Tambersauro, From the Last Day I Saw You

More than anything else, From the Last Day I Saw You is a manifesto. And really, it feels fitting that as they make their final(?) bow and step off into the wings, Tambersauro should unleash something just like this, tossing aside the oblique lyrics and instrumentals…

The Other Night: Lanceapalooza, All Night Long at The Exoskeleton

Editorial-ish Note: In spite of actually going to a fair number of shows this past spring & summer, I’ve been really, really bad about doing those little writeup thingies in this here blog. I’ve had grand dreams of writing up every damn show I’ve seen…

Lance Graduates From, Um, Houston: Lance’s Senior Recital, Tonight

Well, while it definitely makes me sad to see him go, it’s cool that he’s doing it in typically unique style… Tonight, Sat., July 17th, right before drummer/electronicist/Latin teacher/show organizer/all-round good guy Lance Higdon skips town for, um, maybe-fairer climes of Atlanta

Last-Minute Show + Some Bad News: Resonant Interval, Right Now

Argh. Spent the day mostly blissfully disconnected from all things Internet-like, so I’m only seeing this now… Turns out that there’s a surprise Resonant Interval Sound Series show tonight up at the group’s new space, which is yet another currently-unused retail area in the Mekong Center building (2808 Milam). They’re calling it “The Exoskeleton,” which […]

Update: Pete Yorn (Tonight!) + New Featured Bands (Tambersauro & B L A C K I E)

I’d hoped to wedge this into the pile of reviews that went up late last week, but alas, it was not to be. Part of it, I’ll confess, was due to my reluctance to bother even listening to Pete Yorn‘s latest album, Back and Fourth; fair or not, I tend to lump him into a […]


Damn. Just as I was finally going to write these guys up, I heard a hint that the three guys in Tambersauro — guitarist Michael Blackshear, bassist Jeff Price, and drummer/laptop-mangler Lance Higdon

Tonight: Mi Ami (Interview Up!) + Thank You + Tambersauro (Remixed!) @ The Mink

I’ll admit that I’m tempted by tonight’s show at Fitzgerald’s, because The Hudson Falcons are pretty great, but honestly, The Mink is The Place to Be this evening. Local boys Tambersauro will be opening this evening (Wed., March 4th), starting around 9PM, for Baltimoreans (Baltimories?) Thank You and San Franciscans (and ex-Black Eyes members) Mi […]

Two Shows, Two Reviews: Tambersauro (Tonight!) + This Year’s Tiger (10/21!)

Last-minute as always, but as of this afternoon there’s a brand-spanking-new review of the just-about-new album from local math-y, prog-y post-rockers Tambersauro, which is a lucky coincidence, since the band’s officially releasing the disc this very evening (Friday, Oct. 17th) up at The Mink. I’ve never managed to catch the band live, but going by […]

Tambersauro, Theories of Delusional Origin

Improvised (or even improvised-sounding) music makes my skin crawl. Okay, so that’s a bit of an exaggeration — I don’t really find it creepy, per se, but it just kind of irks me, in the same way that, say, driving around town aimlessly or running in circles irks me…

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