Houstonist Waves Goodbye…

Damn. This bums me out — while I was initially a little skeptical of the whole {Houstonist} thing, I’ll admit, back when it started out, I’d been really, really liking what Editor Marc Brubaker had done with the place, especially in terms of covering local music. It’s steadily built from an “eh”-inducing site seemingly focused more on bar-hopping and pretty people (’cause God knows we need more of that kind of media, don’t we?) to a bona-fide news source that’s beat yours truly to the punch a hell of a lot of the time.

Which is why the news that parent company Gothamist has decided to close the curtains on their Houston-based spinoff. Not sure when the site itself’ll be down, but apparently it’ll be soon. sigh.

Bru’s still keeping busy, it seems, between the Prairie Cadets, new project Postmarked, his photography, and his own soon-to-be-expanded site on Houston music, {H-Town Rock}, and I’m relieved as hell about that. Sad to see the ship go down, though. It had a good run, y’all — thanks for all the hard work!

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One Response to “Houstonist Waves Goodbye…”

  1. Bru on July 18th, 2010 at 10:00 pm

    Grazie, sir. You’ll get an email soon about putting a bit of your knowledge into the new Wiki.

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