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Yr Weekend, Pt. 1: The Suspects + Clouseaux + Giant Princess + Lluvia Dreams + HS Rock Off + More [1/08/2010 04:57:00 PM]:
Some good shows going on this weekend, so I figured I'd send a quick note on tonight's (it's Fri., January 8th, those without calendars).

First up, though, I've got some bad news, if you haven't heard it elsewhere already. Due to Tom Araya of Slayer's continuing medical issues, it appears that the January 29th show with that band, Megadeth, and Testament has been postponed indefinitely, along with the rest of their current tour; the booking folks are reportedly working on makeup dates for all the shows, so if you bought a ticket already, you'll hopefully just have to wait a little while longer. In the meantime, I'll keep my fingers crossed Tom gets better soon.

In terms of tonight, too, it seems that a show has been postponed from this very evening to January 29th -- according to the Houston Press, tonight's show at Warehouse Live with Alpha Rev, The Fox Derby, ex-Million Year Dance frontman Tyagaraja, & The Language Room has been moved to then. Sorry, any fans of those bands... Here's the other stuff with which you should be able to fill your time:

Clouseaux/The Suspects/Picture Book @ The Continental Club
Cool, cool, cool. I've been a fan of H-town ska legends The Suspects almost as long as I've lived here, and while I've yet to catch their reincarnated selves lately, I can tell you quasi-authoritatively, nonetheless, that they are utterly amazing, esp. live. They once blew The Toasters off the stage as an opening act, and if you know your US ska history at all, that's saying something. Good, good, good shit. As is Clouseaux, too, who I'm glad to see haven't moved on to that great band graveyard in the sky after all. Not ska, no, but I dig their strange, jazzy tropicalia thing. Last but not least, there's Picture Book, which is reportedly a British Invasion cover band led by none other than local songster Chase Hamblin. This show's absolutely my top pick for tonight.

Yellow Fever/Giant Princess/The Wiggins/Psychic Kids @ Mango's
Although yes, this one sounds pretty darn intriguing, as well. I've liked Giant Princess the handful of times I've seen 'em, but for some reason I can't get their brand of messy, bluesy, garage-y rawk to stick in my brain for very long (anything recorded forthcoming, guys? please?). The Wiggins are excellent, as well, in a very, very, very strange way.

The Melodians/We Are Halffnelson/ Always Guilty/Lluvia Dreams @ The Meridian
I know The Melodians only by reputation, I'm afraid -- haven't heard anything they've done, although I know they're fairly iconic and date from the original reggae scene in Jamaica in the '60s. What draws me more to this show, though, is both that H-town reggae crew Always Guilty is playing -- I dig those guys -- and that Lluvia Dreams is apparently back from the dead and playing. Whoa...those folks were around when I was in a band; always wondered what'd happened to 'em. Can't say I remember what they sound(ed) like, mind you, but still, it's nice to see 'em giving it another shot. (Dunno much about We Are Halffnelson, sorry.)

1st Texas High School Rock Off, featuring The Paperwaits, Useful Information, The Handshake, Living Vicariously, Backslash, Searching For Signal, & Disfunkshun @ House of Blues
Argh. I kinda missed the boat on this one, unfortunately, but thankfully, the HP's Chris Gray has picked up the slack, profiling all the bands playing here, here, and here. Personally, I like what I've heard so far of The Paperwaits, and I seriously like Searching For Signal -- see here for a more detailed rundown on those guys. And hey, the winning band from tonight's show gets $500, a trophy, and an opening slot at the House of Blues, none of which is bad at all for a bunch of high school kids rocking out.
Patti Labelle @ Arena Theater
Jody Seabody & the Whirls/Skepticynic/Mom Walks In @ The Mink
Darwin's Finches/Jimson Jolly Vagrants/Cemetery Shakedown/GreenHouse/Satanic Punk International Conspiracy/Antigens @ Super Happy Fun Land
Don't Fight It, featuring DJ Good Grief & Young $quaddy @ Boondocks
More later on...

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